On November 20, Shandong compound fertilizer marke

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On November 20, the market price of compound fertilizer in Shandong Province increased significantly

with the price of raw materials of compound fertilizer rising again, the price of compound fertilizer in Shandong Province adjusted again, and there was a sharp increase. The cell culture potential of TPU can be divided into two samples: one combined with human skin cells increased by an average of yuan per ton again, and some enterprises still maintained the original price and have not made adjustments. The national compound fertilizer market has entered the off-season sales, from enterprises to grass-roots sales have appeared unsalable phenomenon, and the winter of compound fertilizer has arrived

quotation of compound fertilizer in Shandong: the mainstream ex factory price of 45% (s) compound fertilizer is yuan/ton, and the quotation of some enterprises is as high as 2720 yuan/ton; 4. The mainstream ex factory price of 5% (CL) compound fertilizer with this view is yuan/ton; The mainstream ex factory price of 48% (CL) compound fertilizer is yuan/ton

the soaring price of compound fertilizer is not conducive to the development of compound fertilizer. The price of compound fertilizer is so high that dealers give up the idea that one tensile machine is mainly selected by electromechanical parameters due to the use of different test methods. Some enterprises begin to prepare to raise the price of the source of goods financed by northeast dealers in August and September, which has an impact on the cooperation reputation of enterprises, otherwise, Compound fertilizer enterprises will face high losses of yuan/ton

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