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Huawei ASON helps Fujian electric power build a strong smart electricity

customer background

Fujian has deeply promoted the construction of smart electricity in the past 12 years, and implemented 83 electricity leapfrog projects to meet the economic and social development of Fujian and the increasing needs of cross-strait economic, trade and cultural exchanges. In 2012, the power consumption in Fujian will reach 171.5 billion kwh, and the maximum power load will reach 27.6 million KW, an increase of 13% over the previous year. Coupled with the uncertain incoming water, large load changes and other factors, the power supply and demand situation is not optimistic

in 2012, the province will spare no effort to speed up the construction of electricity. While the construction of electricity continues to speed up, it will speed up the comprehensive demonstration project of home appliances of Xiamen intelligent steel pipe scaffold special testing machine factory, complete the pilot project of Fuzhou Distribution Automation, and start the Quanzhou distribution automation project, so as to improve the reliability of power supply in urban areas to 99.95%

Quanzhou is the largest power supply area and power market in the province, and the most stable power consumption growth area. Enterprises and people urgently need a new power system and high-quality power supply. Quanzhou has been included in the pilot unit of distribution automation of State Grid Corporation of China, which needs to increase investment in the construction and transformation of large, medium and low-voltage distribution. Shishi power is an important economic town of Quanzhou, and its business demand has been increasing in recent years. Therefore, Shishi power closely follows the unified development strategic deployment of State Grid, takes the lead in transforming and optimizing the existing electrical structure, building a safe, reliable and strong smart power, and leading the intelligent process of Fujian power

challenges faced by customers

many experts at home and abroad believe that it is "Arabian Nights" energy that puts forward the requirements for resisting regional disasters. Although Shishi power has sufficient optical fiber resources, it is subject to the traditional SDH protection, which can only resist single fiber failure and cannot meet the special requirements for resisting multiple fiber breaks, so it is difficult to ensure the safety and reliability requirements of the network in extreme cases

in addition, with the continuous development of its business, Shishi power needs to meet the requirements of distribution automation, Fraunhofer production technology and the composite damage detection technology of the Institute of materials utilization, as well as the business carrying pressure brought by power centralized reading. These businesses have different levels of protection and different demands for network protection


focusing on the construction demands of Shishi power, Huawei has carefully designed the sdh+ason Metro Transmission Scheme with the help of the end-to-end product solutions to escort the construction of Shishi power's smart electricity

the reason why customers choose Huawei as a solution provider mainly considers the following three aspects:

Product serialization, end-to-end ASON solution

in order to build an end-to-end ASON plane, Huawei chooses the OSN serialization product group. This serialization product has the characteristics of a unified hardware platform, a unified software platform and a unified intelligent platform, which not only ensures Unified overall performance, but also meets the needs of different levels of business nodes, Realize the rational utilization of resources. In this phase, the golden business of ASON will be launched at the core convergence layer first, and then the whole business of ASON will be launched later

the products are commercial in scale, and jianwuyou

fully consider the importance of Shishi power Metro. The transmission products provided by Huawei are the mainstream products in the current industry. They have been operating stably in Fujian power for more than 5 years, have large-scale high-level applications, and are all communication products independently developed by Huawei

from the perspective of the actual needs of the service, the convergence layer opens the gold level service based on the virtual ring to ensure the security of the convergence layer service. In the later stage, the full ASON service will be opened gradually according to the optical cable resources. All convergence layer stations have multiple routes, which can resist multi-point fiber failure under special circumstances, greatly improve the safety and reliability of the network, and meet the needs of smart power construction of national power

Professional ASON planning and simulation tools, intelligent operation and maintenance

professional mds6600 planning software is used to simulate the current situation and plan ASON network scientifically. He has rich experience in national, provincial and metropolitan ASON network planning, realizes end-to-end engineering ASON solutions, provides a full process intelligent operation and maintenance mode, and comprehensively reduces network OPEX

customer value

establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment. The completion of Shishi power ASON project provides a strong guarantee for the construction of Shishi power intelligent power, and realizes good social and economic value. It is mainly reflected in:

strong and intelligent: the network resists multiple fiber failure, greatly improves the security of the network in extreme cases, constructs a strong and intelligent bearer, and leads the upgrading process of the province's bearer intelligence.

efficient operation and maintenance: improve the utilization rate of network bandwidth, good scalability, intelligent operation and maintenance, and realize full ASON

flexible scheduling in the later stage: it has more flexible business scheduling ability, Provide differentiated service levels

smooth evolution: provide a large bandwidth platform for centralized reading and distribution automation and an IP oriented eptn evolution scheme

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