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Huawei brings 73ghz millimeter wave multi-user MIMO live demonstration to Deutsche Telekom

Huawei announced that it will demonstrate millimeter wave multi-user MIMO technology with Deutsche Telekom, Germany's largest mobile network service provider, at this week's Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. For example, the display requires a certain strength, oxidation resistance and aging resistance. It has achieved a transmission rate of 70gbps in the 73ghz millimeter wave band and achieved extremely high spectral efficiency

with the rapid development of mobile broadband communication services, high-capacity wireless access and retransmission, especially the ultra-high rate services corresponding to 5g networks, have put forward an urgent demand for the increase of available spectrum. The traditional low-frequency spectrum used in the existing cellular access network is close to the capacity expansion limit. Therefore, higher bands such as centimeter band and millimeter band carry people's expectations for large bandwidth and high speed. Partners around the world are committed to identifying a unified millimeter wave band for 5g services at the world radiocommunication Conference (wrc-19) in 2019

Deutsche Telekom launched the 5g:haus project in March 2015 to explore potential 5g key enabling technologies with the world's leading industry partners. As part of the cooperation framework between Huawei and Deutsche Telekom in the 5g:haus project, the latest joint demonstration based on millimeter wave MIMO technology has achieved an ultra-high rate of 70gbps in a complex multi-user scenario, and significantly improved spectral efficiency. Metamaterial focused array (mmfa) technology has been applied to create adjustable spot beams, and dynamic beam tracking characteristics have also been tested in mobile scenes. Different users can use different beams at the same time and at the same frequency. 2. The safety device of the safety belt tension tester must be sensitive and reliable for data transmission

millimeter wave multi-user MIMO technology can provide a single user with an ultra-high transmission rate of more than 20gbps. The millimeter wave band can be used as a supplementary band in the low frequency band to improve the experience of ultra-high mobile broadband users

I'm glad to see that as one of 5g innovations, with the economic recovery, the recycled plastic granulator, as the main processing machine, will have a large customer base, and the successful demonstration of millimeter wave multi-user MIMO technology. In the 5g era, mobile network operators need to be able to provide ultra-high transmission rates for corresponding services. Bruno jacobeuerborn, chief technology officer of Deutsche Telekom, said: we will continue to carry out technological innovation with leading partners in the world to bring 5g into reality

Huawei is investing huge innovation in 5g key enabling technology. Dr. Tong Wen, the chief technology officer of Huawei wireless and the chief scientist of 5g, said: millimeter wave multi-user MIMO technology can achieve mobile broadband access similar to the speed of optical fiber access. Adhering to the customer-centered innovation concept, Huawei will continue to promote the world's leading 5g technology with customers

Huawei and Deutsche Telekom cooperated to innovate and test the key technologies of 5g air interface and network architecture. Committed to 5g research and development for six years, Huawei has accumulated rich experience in research and field testing. In the future, Huawei will cooperate with more industry partners to build a 5g ecosystem and promote the development of 5g

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