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Huawei's curriculum union solution makes high-quality educational resources available to everyone.

national development is inseparable from education. The imbalance of national economic development will inevitably lead to the uneven distribution of educational resources, and in turn, the development of education will affect the degree of civilization of society, thereby affecting economic development. Taking China as an example, the emphasis on the balanced development of education and informatization development is also increasing year by year. From the "ten year development plan of education informatization" to the proposal of the "three links and two platforms" policy, and then to the "guiding opinions on comprehensively and deeply promoting education informatization during the 13th five year plan", we always hope to break through regional restrictions and balance the development of education, so as to promote social civilization, economic development and national strength

the balanced development of education is bound to be inseparable from the formulation of relevant policies. From the perspective of informatization, there are still many things we can do, such as the application of distance education, which can help solve the problem of uneven distribution of high-quality educational resources. With the development of communication technology, distance education solutions have also been upgraded again -- Tsinghua University professor put forward the concept of curriculum alliance, which includes four prominent features: traditional classroom, intelligent curriculum, platform curriculum, and intelligent teaching management. With years of hard work in the field of audio and video, Huawei has also launched a class alliance solution

as a future oriented learning method, Huawei class union solution has the following functional modules:

1. Interactive classroom

interactive classroom allows students from all regions to join the classroom conveniently and quickly at any time and place for real-time interactive learning. In the design of interactive classroom, Huawei uses automatic image tracking and intelligent broadcasting technology to ensure that teachers' teaching pictures and teaching materials can be synchronized with remote students in real time. During class, when the teacher stands in front of the podium, the camera will capture the close-up of the teacher to the remote students; When the teacher interacts with the students in the center of the classroom, it will present a panoramic view of the classroom to the remote students; When the teacher interacts with the students on the platform, the remote students will see the panorama of the platform; When the teacher writes on the blackboard, he will present the close-up of the blackboard to the students of the remote learning countries who have issued a series of automobile industry development policies. All lens switching processes are smooth and natural, giving students an immersive feeling when they listen to the remote class

2. Ubiquitous access

Huawei class connection system can support a variety of terminal access, including hardware devices, personal computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. at the same time, tablets support a variety of operating systems, so that students can access learning anytime and anywhere, and teachers and students can also initiate groups to study and discuss at any time

3. Resources

for excellent classrooms with excellent teachers, Huawei class connection system can automatically record the classroom without noise and interference, and will not affect the classroom and students' class process. At the same time, the recording effect can reach two-way 1080p60: that is, teachers' teaching pictures and teaching materials can reach HD to ensure the recording effect. The recorded resources will be automatically uploaded to the school's data center, and can be connected to the school's education platform. Students who miss courses or students in remote areas can have on-demand learning anytime and anywhere

4. School administration

Huawei course connection system can not only realize remote interactive teaching, but also be applied in school administration, inter school office, teacher skill training, etc. Teachers can realize the seamless integration from conference room to office to pocket through various types of terminal access, so as to achieve the same multi terminal experience and efficient office

the course connection solution provided by Huawei is an end-to-end solution that can connect schools, teachers, parents, students, classrooms and other comprehensive resources. Its intelligent design can meet the need for teachers and students to live broadcast and interact in class without changing their previous classroom habits. At the same time, with a series of algorithm research, Huawei can achieve super large-scale access and ensure high-definition effect under low bandwidth, saving investment for users from humidity factors while ensuring excellent video quality. Besides accounting pages and keywords, all Huawei products have maintained good openness. By opening product interfaces, it can realize docking with other information systems on campus to ensure user experience

at present, Huawei has provided class connection solutions for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. It is believed that in the future, Huawei can contribute to the education cause in more regions and make high-quality education resources available to everyone

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