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Huawei caravan breaks through the strange circle of "floating cloud marketing" in the Chinese circle on July 18, 2014. One of Huawei's internal business management concepts is as follows: customers are always the soul of the enterprise. We should treat customers with religious piety. Serving customers is the only reason for Huawei's existence, and customer demand is the driving force for Huawei's development

it is such a dogmatic concept that Huawei has won the recognition of one customer after another in the past 27 years. Today, Huawei is actively expanding its enterprise business and consumer business, and has not given up this concept because of the substantial increase in the number of customers. In the expanding consumer business, Huawei is constantly trying and innovating service models to provide consumers with more choices and high-quality products

but for many Chinese terminal manufacturing enterprises, it is not easy to inject their own brands, culture and enterprise spirit into products and marketing. After more than three years of exploration, and adhering to Huawei's consistent piety towards customers, Huawei recently launched a journey to practice Huawei's brand. This is a cultural journey to deliver Huawei brand to consumers and Huawei terminals to create a better life

Huawei's caravan will span 20 cities in China, with a path of 15000 kilometers

who will break the popular cloud marketing

I wonder whether the industry has noticed that since this year, some of our manufacturers have exaggerated their products every time they release new machines, even rising to the level of so-called feelings and worship. On the stage are the passionate speeches of manufacturers, and off the stage are the screams and shouts of fans, which are really lively. However, when the products are officially launched and enter the consumers, we find that the madness once formed a huge contrast with the actual user experience, and even completely different. So how should manufacturers break this strange circle of floating cloud marketing

in this regard, Li huidy, vice president of China Mobile, once said that intelligent terminals are facing homogeneous competition, and how to further innovate terminals is a problem that the whole industry needs to consider. Among them, how to innovate in marketing is not a small challenge for related enterprises

as we all know, over the past decade, Huawei terminal has adhered to the brand concept of practice, adhered to the high-quality line, and is committed to creating extreme products and services for consumers. After years of efforts by numerous manufacturers, Huawei has launched a number of classic products with extreme technology, extreme experience, extreme cost performance, and extreme availability, and has achieved the third largest sales volume in the world

as an industry thinker and innovator, Huawei has been thinking and looking for an answer, that is, how to change and reverse this situation of cloud marketing

there is no boundary in thought and no rigidity in action. Huawei's brand journey was launched in Beijing on June 7, 2014. In the next five months, the caravan will visit Shenyang, Qingdao, Xining, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, spanning 20 cities in China and passing 15000 kilometers

Huawei has leapt from the field of operators to the field of consumers in the concept of customer-centric, which has inspired the whole industry. Insiders believe that the new marketing model of caravan connects consumers more closely with Huawei's products and solutions, which is an innovation in the field of marketing

it is not difficult to see from the above that, compared with the cloud marketing that is now popular among some manufacturers, the starting point of Huawei's brand journey is to directly face the actual users in the market where the filling speed of flexible packaging has not yet reached the speed of common packaging boxes. This is the biggest difference in Huawei's marketing, which also determines that the content and height of its marketing are far better than its rivals, and has become the cornerstone of Huawei's marketing innovation

terminal series enter the battle and fully approach Huawei

when users enter Huawei's caravan, they will find that it is not only Huawei's products that welcome them, but the unified dissemination of a series of Huawei solutions, including a full range of displays in the terminal field, pads, accessories, wearable devices, video conference systems, etc

Huawei's unique caravan is composed of brand history wall, product praise area, Huawei gate, product exhibition area, gas station, 3D photo area, 4G interactive experience area and NFC magic supermarket. The history wall shows the brand growth process of Huawei terminals in the past decade

in the interactive experience area, P7, mate2, G6, maimang and other boutiques all appeared. 3D photography, 4G interaction and other links have attracted many consumers to experience. Huawei gate uses the video equipment developed by Huawei to realize remote real-time interaction, which shortens the distance between consumers and Huawei. It also explains that Huawei has made continuous efforts to realize unlimited connectivity. The close contact between employees and consumers in 32 countries shows the positive, optimistic and open image of Huawei people

the caravan reflects an idea close to customers, which is efficient, practical, close to life, unique in form, and has obvious technical practicality

an experimenter said excitedly: I just came to experience Huawei's latest P7. I didn't expect to see so many terminal applications close to daily life here. My friends and I were stunned

the cool technological products and innovative and wonderful interactive experience of the caravan have brought a feast to consumers, and also showed consumers the brand strength of Huawei in the communication field for many years. Wherever the caravan goes, the huge Huawei fan group (pollen group) is also a bright scenery, and the ubiquitous pollen staff actively answer questions and doubts for everyone

terminal series together

the huge Huawei fan group

in fact, here, Huawei's caravan marketing form allows users to see and understand not only Huawei's products, but also the collaborative display of Huawei's entire consumer products, which takes this as an introduction, so that Huawei is closer to users, and users in turn approach Huawei. This is undoubtedly crucial to the image improvement of Huawei's brand and products in the eyes of users in the future

brand sinking marketing is not only about products, but also about culture. As we all know, mysterious Gypsies use caravans to transmit their culture to every corner of the world. Huawei's brand journey draws on the model of caravan and makes further changes, complementing the blind spot of traditional channel publicity, and realizing the magnificent transformation of brand sinking to consumers through mobility

in fact, this model of caravan is not the first time to be applied in Huawei's business publicity. Last year, Huawei launched the Hyundai ICT China trip. Through the caravan, the audience can experience Huawei's full range of business solutions, including network, it, cloud computing, cloud storage, mobile office, HD video conference, video monitoring and so on, so that more people and partners can understand Experience the efficient collaboration, unified interconnection and intensive sharing brought about by its ICT solutions

this brand journey can be said to be an inheritance and extension of Huawei's caravan culture. It can be said that Huawei's caravan journey has injected new vitality into the terminal industry. Make the dial needle move the passive pointer to the maximum energy of the dial

Huawei set the goal of selling 80million smart terminals in 2014 at the beginning of this year. According to the data, the revenue of Huawei's consumer business in China in the first half of the year reached 12.5 billion yuan, and more than 20 million intelligent terminals were sold. Zhu Ping, President of Huawei's consumer business in China, stressed in an interview that Huawei terminals should establish the goal of becoming consumers' preferred international brand

how to make consumers more intuitively understand the quality and application of products, and dig deep into user needs, so as to make this goal come true. Huawei needs a power of change, and the brand sinks to consumers

in the current competition of terminal channels, the importance of physical stores is becoming more and more prominent. Terminal manufacturers no longer rely on operator channels and social channels as before, but focus on consumer demand, let the sales system sink, manufacturers settle in stores, and even establish self owned brand stores. For example, some manufacturers, from top to bottom, all staff marketing, the scope of its marketing even to the township level point of sale, it can be said to cover a wide range; Some manufacturers open experience stores to let users feel their relevant products in person, regardless of investment

similarly, as an important part of this sinking idea, through the above introduction, we know that Huawei terminals no longer only rely on the dissemination of high media platforms, but really come to consumers,. It is worth mentioning that Huawei's marketing sinking reflects a kind of culture (including form and theme). We should know that when products and marketing tend to be homogeneous, only letting the market and users understand and recognize the culture behind related enterprises and products is the source power for enterprises to maintain sustainable development

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