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Huawei ce12800 helps Lanxun meet the challenges of the Internet industry

ctiforum July 9 news (Yu Xin): good user experience and faster response time are crucial for the station, so application basic network service providers are trying to improve the quality of network access. Recently, Lanxun chinacache, China's leading application infrastructure network service provider, has successfully built a more robust network through the improvement of hardware by adopting Huawei ce12800 solution, so as to provide customers with faster and more secure CDN services

the era of rapidity requires a faster and more stable online experience

many people have this experience: open a station, wait for 10 seconds, and then turn it off decisively, and may no longer be interested in visiting. In the era of increasingly pursuing speed, application stations must ensure that users can show the best state whenever and wherever they log in, so as to improve people's popularity and loyalty. Response time has become the first lifeline of station survival. At present, application basic network service providers are facing the primary problem: how to shorten the response time of users' access to the network, which has a great impact on the speed, performance The browsing effect also puts forward higher requirements

Lanxun chinacache, as the earliest provider of professional CDN services in China, has been favored by many top 500 enterprises. It provides network application basic services for 30000 enterprises at home and abroad, successfully improves the correspondence and transmission speed of enterprise stations, reduces the pressure of station service equipment, and helps enterprises show their enterprise form through the content of stations, so as to protect its performance image and promote strategic development and business cooperation. However, with the increase of users, Lanxun chinacache also faces some growing pains

first, how to shorten the station response time. According to the data in the 2013 Research Report on how to maximize the user experience of e-commerce jointly released by Lanxun chinacache and iResearch Consulting Group, 50.2% of users reduced their access because the loading speed of the station was too slow, 43.1% of users gave up logging in when the station was not opened for more than 10 seconds, and 75.8% of users wanted to buy 11. Safety device: the loading speed of electronic limit protection station was less than 3 seconds, 27.2% of users will give up using a shopping station because the loading speed of the station is too slow, and another 23.3% of users will stop shopping because the payment process is too slow. Poor access experience will cause the loss of customers, and the collapse of the network will cause huge profit losses. In this golden day, every second the loading speed slows down and every time the system crash occurs, the enterprise will be out of the war early

according to statistics, the user experience brought by the loading speed of the station has a direct and key impact on the user's browsing behavior. For example, every 400ms of slow access speed of Google station will lead to a decrease of 0.59% in user search requests; Amazon said that adding 100ms of station delay will lead to a 1% drop in revenue; If there is a 400ms delay on Yahoo! Site, the traffic will drop%, and the access experience of the site will directly affect the income of the enterprise to a large extent

secondly, how to deal with concurrent traffic efficiently and stably. Sudden traffic caused by some hot spots and major events requires huge network traffic instantly. Sudden problems will instantly generate a sharp increase in concurrent visits, which is a very serious challenge to the current network carrying capacity of customers, and has become a major test for any network content service provider

therefore, the fast, stable and fast network is the basic link to improve the user experience. Therefore, as an application based network service provider, it is necessary to have professional service capabilities. In general, we must provide a fast, stable and sensitive network service

the power behind the leading CDN architecture: Huawei ce12800

in order to improve the quality of network service, Lanxun chinacache launched the industry, so the research and development of new materials is a leading content aware network service platform in the current manufacturing industry. Its core is to ensure the service quality and end-user experience of enterprise users, perceive and optimize different applications, different networks, different terminals, and deeply understand the business needs and terminal experience of the network, Provide customers with cloud to end integrated cost-effective services. At present, Lanxun has grown into the largest application basic network service provider in China, providing network application basic services to more than 30000 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, accounting for more than half of the domestic market share, and has deployed more than 19000 servers in more than 120 large and medium-sized cities around the world

it system is the production line of Internet services, and a strong it system is the foundation for Lanxun to lead the industry. On the one hand, Lanxun chinacache has built the most efficient content distribution platform in the industry through the combination of independent advanced technology and industry-leading network, storage and server manufacturers. Relying on years of technology accumulation, Lanxun chinacache has independently developed the core system business platform that provides services for users and CDN related traffic scheduling, cache software, background support management platform and other software. On the other hand, Lanxun chinacache is also constantly cooperating with well-known enterprises in the industry, hoping to explore more robust IT systems in terms of hardware

in order to further provide users with the best network access experience, in terms of hardware infrastructure, especially network infrastructure, Lanxun is determined to choose the industry's leading manufacturers and the most high-end equipment to overcome this problem

Huawei ce12800 data center switch, with its highest performance in the world, the lowest forwarding delay in the industry, and advanced dynamic large cache intelligent management mechanism, quickly attracted the attention of Lanxun, especially in the large-scale commercial use of the largest Internet company in the industry, which made the two sides quickly determine the intention of cooperation. At present, Huawei ce12800 data center switches have fully entered the blue flood nationwide content distribution network

Huawei ce12800 data center switch has 64tbps switching capacity and three times the expansion capacity of the industry, and supports comprehensive virtualization capabilities and rich data center features. At the same time, the T-level high-performance line card of ce12800 data center switch has 18gb super large cache capacity, which can maximize the cache absorption of burst traffic and effectively deal with interconnected traffic surges, It is especially suitable for high-performance data center applications in the Internet field

under the guidance of overall technology development and strategy, Lanxun learned that chinacache is building a Hadoop platform with a scale of 1000 devices and distributed in 10 cities across the country. Huawei ce12800 data center switches have effectively supported the development of related businesses. Huawei and Lanxun are carrying out joint innovation in user access experience, building a comprehensive strategic partnership, and jointly addressing the challenges of accelerating the growth of the Internet industry

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