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Huawei Bonjour Paris! As soon as I mentioned Paris, I automatically filled my mind with landmark buildings such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, as well as art treasures such as the Mona Lisa oil painting, the statue of Venus, and the stone carving of the goddess of victory

from October 20 to October 21, Huawei eco connect | Europe (HCE) was held in Paris, the capital of art. In order to participate in such a tall exhibition, enterprises came prepared, carefully selected several of the most representative products, and made a wonderful appearance in the capital of art

the venue of the exhibition is located in the palace of brunia, which is a 190 year old building, and Napoleon personally laid the foundation for it. Huawei has a large exhibition area of more than 1500 square meters in the exhibition hall

brunnia palace

Huawei exhibition area

in terms of appearance rate, enterprises are once again in charge, and they can be seen in the network exhibition area and industry exhibition area

industrial exchange new product


ar550c series is an industrial exchange equipment specially designed for the cool environment of Yan Xin's "plastic materials and products in contact with food" regulation No. 2017/752, which can meet the network's ability to cope with trade protectionism and enhance communication needs in harsh temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference and other environments. Ar550c series can be widely used in various industries such as power, transportation and other industrial automation fields


Gemini in the field of vehicle mounted

ar503eqgw-l ar503ew

ar503e series vehicle mounted switches are suitable for train scenarios. Ar503eqgw-l is installed in the front of the train and connected to the Internet through LTE at high speed; Ar503ew is installed on the train body to provide Wi Fi services for passengers


good partner in the lighting field

ar501 ar502

ar501l ar502egr is applied to lighting IOT scenes. As a street lamp controller, ar501l is directly installed on the top of the street lamp. It has a built-in brightness sensor, which can control the switch and dimming state of the street lamp. As the core switch, ar502egr connects many street lamp controllers with wireless mesh and sends back street lamp data through LTE

ar501l ar502egr

cloudvpn business cornerstone

thin CPE thick cpe

director Wang: due to the special situation of China's automotive industry, cloudvpn provides enterprises with cloud VPN interconnection services and e-commerce services that are ready to use. The current experience has shortened the service delivery time from 30 days to 20 minutes. Thin CPE and thick CPE are important cornerstones of cloudvpn business. Thin CPE plug and play, zero configuration start. Thick CPE is based on X86 platform, and value-added services can be deployed locally. Combine SDN controller to realize flexible business distribution

ar169, ar129

guardian of financial business

ar2204, ar509

when we handle financial business at bank points and ATMs, arge-p and ar509g-l-d-h, as heroes behind the scenes, silently escort business safety. The arge-p financial all-in-one machine can be deployed in bank branches and sub branches, and the high-density port provides unified access for various office terminals. Ar509g-l-d-h is small in size and adopts industrial design. It can be installed in ATM machine to return data safely and at high speed

ar2204 ar509

looking back on 2016, the journey of enterprise shutdown was extremely wonderful. In February, he visited Spain with enthusiasm, flew to Hannover, Germany twice, set foot on Brazil with passion in June, returned to Shanghai in August, and came to Paris, France in October

it never stops. Everywhere it goes, it spreads its dream of leading new ICT and building a better connected world. A short parting is for a better meeting. Goodbye to Paris and see you next year

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