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Huawei cloud ranks first in seven dimensions and is rated as the leader of computer vision AI in China by Forrester

recently, Forrester, a global authoritative consulting and service organization, released the report the Forrester new wave: computer vision public cloud platforms in China, Q4 2019, which comprehensively evaluated the computer vision capabilities of China's public cloud service providers:

Huawei cloud relies on full stack technology, cloud side collaboration Hybrid cloud and customized solutions strengthen the advantages of the "party building" case at the same time, ranking in the leader quadrant

in this study, if forre can seize this opportunity, ster selected China's top computer vision cloud service providers to evaluate from 10 dimensions such as data, performance, development and deployment, and evaluated the quadrants of each manufacturer according to three levels: differentiated (differentiated advantage), on par (average level) and needs improvement (to be improved), It provides a reference for enterprise architecture professionals to choose computer vision cloud computing partners for introduction

in the report, Huawei cloud has 7 items in the best differentiated level, which are in the leading position of computer vision ability

full stack technology accelerates the development of computer vision applications

Huawei cloud integrates the advantages of software and hardware integration, providing a full stack optimized deep learning training platform from chip (ascend), server (atlas server), highly automated operator development tool (cann), to deep learning engine (mindspire) and distributed optimization framework (Moxing), thus greatly improving the development efficiency of computer vision

the modelarts platform of Huawei cloud can provide the automation ability of the complete development cycle of computer vision, including the ability of data annotation, model evaluation and transformation, and can realize the full scene deployment across the cloud, edge and terminal. (extended reading: Huawei cloud modelarts 2.0 is comprehensively upgraded to innovate the traditional AI development mode)

exeml service can realize execution oriented automatic model generation and automatic optimization to adapt to the deployment environment

the Forrester new wave: computer vision public cloud platforms in China, Q4 2019

cloud side and end collaborative full scene one click deployment

for computer vision scenarios, the R & D team with Suzhou as the main body can quickly connect with suppliers all over the country. The demand for degree perception is also very important, such as various objects, action recognition, scene change, obstacle avoidance, etc

in this regard, developers can use Huawei cloud hilens end cloud collaborative AI platform to realize personalized customized skill development, and deploy it to terminal devices for testing and operation with one click. At the same time, they can carry out batch upgrading, maintenance and other operations of corresponding skills on devices. Huawei cloud hilens can focus on solving the development problems that need to be solved urgently in the current end edge cloud scenario. (extended reading: hilens, a pair of insight to understand the world with AI)

visual AI provides intelligent empowerment for all walks of life

Huawei has accumulated a large number of R & D achievements in the field of video and image and formed differentiated competitiveness in many industry fields with its 30-year technology accumulation in the field of ICT and huge investment in the field of artificial intelligence. Huawei cloud is committed to bringing AI technology into all walks of life and promoting the digitalization and intelligent transformation of traditional industries

at present, Huawei cloud has brought intelligent video analysis technology into various industries:

in the transportation industry, build intelligent transportation solutions

in the field of smart cities, realize smart city governance solutions

in the water industry, water pollution supervision solutions have been released

in the industrial field, achieve efficient industrial quality inspection

at the same time, Huawei cloud EI has accumulated a large number of key technologies on pedestrian, vehicle, event, behavior, UAV, face and other segmentation scenarios

hybrid cloud customized solutions

the best choice for customers

forrester said:

Huawei cloud is the best choice for customers of hybrid cloud scenarios and customized solutions. Whether using on premises or deploying on the cloud, it has a comprehensive coverage of computer vision capabilities. At the same time, enterprises can meet customized needs through Huawei cloud technology ecosystem collaboration

Huawei cloud is committed to bringing AI technology into all walks of life and promoting the digitalization and intelligent upgrading of traditional industries

Huawei cloud AI has covered more than 10 industries, including industry, retail, finance, city, automobile, home, etc., and has joined hands with many partners to implement more than 500 projects

at present, Huawei cloud AI service has 1500 + partners. With the advent of 5g Internet of things era, image and video related computer vision AI capabilities will become an important capability of cloud services. Huawei cloud will also continue to increase investment in computer vision AI to enable industry applications and achieve customers


frost Sullivan report: Huawei cloud leads the domestic full stack AI Market

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