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Huawei/Baidu input heavy launch cherry simulation mechanical keyboard function

Huawei/Baidu input heavy launch cherry simulation mechanical keyboard function

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"virtual keyboard also has a 'hit feeling'! Just like the excellent experience of mechanical keyboard, it is worthy of being a product of cooperation between Huawei and Baidu, cherry!" At the Huawei mate 30 series domestic press conference on September 26, the "simulated mechanical keyboard" experience area was crowded with people. The "simulated mechanical keyboard", a cross-border cooperative product of Huawei, baidu input method and cherry, combined with the new dynamic effect blessing of emui10, brought users the shock experience of simulated mechanical keyboard

at the Huawei mate 30 series domestic press conference, Huawei announced that it and Baidu input method, Che such as hard PVC, PS, plexiglass, phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, polyester resin and other materials belong to brittle plastic rry to jointly create a simulated mechanical keyboard, and simulated the cherry mechanical keyboard shaft with high reduction. Cherry simulation mechanical keyboard uses X-axis linear motor technology to avoid the hysteresis of traditional rotor motor, and can simulate a variety of vibration through software adjustment. It is the best solution for simulation mechanical keyboard at present

the "simulated mechanical keyboard" jointly created this time is different from similar products on the market. In the past, the skin of some input methods imitating physical keyboards was often considered only from the vision and sound of keys. The actual touch of typing was still very different from that of physical keyboards. The intervention of Huawei's horizontal X-axis linear motor makes it have a very realistic mechanical keyboard touch experience

"simulated mechanical keyboard" originated from the long-term cooperation between Huawei and Baidu. Since the launch of Baidu input method in 2012, Huawei has successively launched 3D qmoji expression, baidu input method concise version and other functions, both of which are committed to creating the ultimate user input experience. The friction wheel surface in the gearbox shall not be oiled or splashed with oil stains. In 2019, the x-axis linear motor became the new focus of manufacturers' attention. Huawei and Baidu input method also immediately carried out targeted layout. Cherry, a brand with absolute voice in the mechanical keyboard industry, jointly launched the characteristic function of "simulated keyboard"

cherry is a global professional keyboard manufacturer, and its various cherry shafts are star products in the field of mechanical keyboards. It defines three dimensional consideration standards for mechanical keyboards, including "paragraph sense", "trigger key range" and "pressure grams to accelerate the upgrading of plastic granulator technology". In particular, the trigger key range and pressure grams correspond to the duration and pressure of the skin dynamic effect of the user trigger input method, and the principle is very close. Baidu input method is based on cherry, an advantageous product. After a long time of technical research, it can achieve a high-quality experience of simulating the touch of mechanical keyboard points

Huawei and Baidu input method make use of these commonalities and similarities in principle to successfully build the simulation keyboard function of mate30, which is also the reason why Huawei chooses Baidu input method and cherry keyboard as partners. Based on the Huawei mate30 series X-axis linear motor, combined with the technical accumulation of Baidu input method, and combined with the deep cultivation in the field of cherry physical mechanical keyboard, we have jointly created this black technology product

in this cooperation, Huawei mate 30 series uses a new X-axis linear motor technology to bring users an excellent touch of simulating physical keys; Echoing emui10 dynamic effect, it presents users with a dynamic effect experience of "hand, eye and heart in one". The cherry keyboard will guide the dynamic function of emui, make it more in line with the user's operating habits, and bring a more comfortable use experience

emui10 optimization of dynamic effect is one of the highlights of Huawei mate 30 series press conference. When the user clicks on the dynamic effect, different dynamic effects will be displayed according to the direction, speed and release position of the gesture, which conforms to the physical parabola law and gives the user the most intuitive and natural feedback; The user's touch is provided by Huawei mate 30 series X-axis linear motor, which makes it very comfortable to touch and press

on September 26, Huawei mate 30 series was officially launched. Its new emui10 has made new breakthroughs in UX design, interactive experience and application ecology. In the future, Huawei emui will also introduce more partners to share its experience in user research and continue to improve the user experience

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