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Huawei cloud accelerates business innovation in the post service market of chemical analysis instruments

"At first, we started to use the overall solution of Huawei cloud devcloud with a tentative attitude. As an Internet company that strictly follows the agile development process, we also maintained close cooperation with the support team of Huawei cloud devcloud in the process of using it, and put forward some suggestions and requirements. The support team of Huawei cloud devcloud attached great importance to our feedback and responded quickly. In this process, we really felt that Huawei Customer centric corporate culture. "

--- Chen Hong, R & D director of Hangzhou Test Information Technology Co., Ltd.

tester: a pioneer in the Internet after deep cultivation of chemical analytical instruments to serve the market

Hangzhou Test Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. Its Internet platform "tester" is China's first one-stop after-sales service platform for the scientific testing industry. Testers focus on the testing industry, involving environmental protection, food safety, biomedicine and many other fields, serving many users such as government laboratories, scientific research institutions, major universities, enterprise laboratories, and strive to solve the pain points such as manufacturer monopoly and information asymmetry in the after-sales service market of the testing industry, and provide users with professional, diversified, personalized and transparent overall service solutions, Help users control the operating cost of the laboratory. Since the public test in August 2015, the testers have gathered more than 10000 laboratories and more than 2000 service providers, covering 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country

the newly launched new machine rental service of the tester starts from the fundamental concern of users, solves the pain points of users in the industry where the purchase and use of analytical instruments are expensive, and creates a new experience of "bag check-in" for users through the whole process of intelligent services

pressure brought by business innovation

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's information construction, various industries are constantly innovating products under the banner of Internet +, and the chemical analysis instrument industry is no exception. However, compared with other e-commerce formats with a high degree of standardization, the vertical market of chemical analysis instrument industry is relatively narrow, and the interconnection rate of the whole market is still around 10%, with a high degree of non-standard. In order to vigorously promote the degree of market interconnection in China, testers continue to innovate and restructure business models, and the product form of interconnected business also needs to be adjusted and upgraded accordingly. Therefore, the R & D Department of the tester fell into the situation of multi line development and continuous delivery of versions. However, without the essential improvement of work efficiency, the delivery cycle and cost of products become unacceptable, and various contradictions become prominent

u business logic is complex and changes frequently

it is a difficult process to logically sort out non-standard businesses and improve them into standardized businesses, which is also one of the core values of testers' innovation. Among them, countless business discussions and demand changes have brought demand change frequencies far higher than the industry average to product research and development. The lack of a perfect and efficient automatic requirement tracking system undoubtedly makes the process of realizing business intention difficult

u difficulties in teamwork

from product to design, from code development to test and acceptance. Personnel in different positions use multiple sets of management systems that are isolated from each other, so information is not circulated, and communication and feedback costs are high and inefficient

u low testing efficiency

in the original R & D support tools, interface protocol and interface testing cannot be combined, let alone automated testing. A large number of functional tests are completed by coarse-grained system level black boxes, and there is no intermediate automated interface test, so it is impossible to carry out efficient and rapid regression. Therefore, the back-end implementation is often not robust at the interface implementation level, and a large number of problems are hidden behind the normalization request of the front-end

u defect management is not centralized

the discovery of software defects is the whole process. From requirements to design, implementation and testing, if we can have convenient access at all stages in time, the overall quality of the software will be effectively improved, and the release cycle will be greatly shortened. However, the original R & D process is structured in multiple decentralized systems, which makes defect management unable to be smoothly closed-loop and inefficient

Huawei cloud devcloud gave the answer

for a whole year, because of the above problems, the R & D team kept looking for better alternatives in the industry. As a one-stop cloud Devops platform integrating Huawei's 30-year R & D practice, cutting-edge R & D concepts and advanced R & D tools, Huawei cloud devcloud showed its strong whole process support ability in the field of product R & D as soon as it was released. This makes the tester not hesitate to abandon the existing management tool set and choose it as the only R & D management platform of the R & D department. With the help of Huawei experts, through trial and run in, the testers solved the following problems by using the service components in Huawei cloud devcloud

u low visualization of project requirements management: using projectman, the whole life cycle tracking of visual requirements to tasks is realized

u requirements change frequently and team cooperation is not smooth: all requirements and task changes will be notified to relevant personnel at the first time

u low testing efficiency: using pipeline services, integrate the repeated steps required for each test release, such as code inspection, compilation and construction, interface testing and deployment, to achieve full-automatic daily integration, which greatly shortens the time required for the testing process

u defect management is not centralized: code inspection service is used to quickly locate static errors. The experimental force that the sample can withstand is as small as a few 10 centinewtons (such as spandex for textile). At the same time, programmers can also get standard repair suggestions. Using the code hosting service, we can fly check the code at any time, and the defects found can also be directly submitted to the programmer

adjust the left and right level of the body with a level ruler on the side of the swing rod

by using the Huawei cloud devcloud platform, the R & D efficiency of home products has reached a big level, and the development efficiency and quality have been greatly improved. At the same time, because the tools of the whole R & D process have been unified, the management efficiency and project transparency have been greatly improved

u the cooperation of product, design and coding personnel has become very close, and the communication fluency and response speed have been significantly improved

u code quality through automatic inspection and manual flight inspection, the workload of coders, pre-test defect rate and rework rate are calculated to reduce the average range

u the provision of pipelined services makes high-speed and short iterations a reality, and the response to user needs becomes fast

u using the unified platform of the whole process, the project management level of the entire R & D team has been significantly improved, and the benefits of agile development have been truly reflected

by using devcloud platform, the R & D team of the tester is freed from repeated and inefficient work, so it has more time to understand customers and businesses. The whole team is full of confidence in the success of these two goals set by the British National composite center (NCC) in Bristol, England, which is an innovative business. In the future, Huawei cloud devcloud will always accompany the testers and jointly help the post service market business of chemical analysis instruments move forward

in addition, it is understood that the 2018 Huawei all connect conference will be held in Shanghai in October. At that time, Huawei's AI strategy and full stack and full scene solutions will be launched, and more innovations and practices in various industries such as AI, cloud, big data, 5g, IOT, video will be brought with partners to benefit more developer groups. "+ intelligence, see the future" we will wait and see

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