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New energy vehicles have sprung up five years later, or hundreds of billions of dollars in the market. According to the report of the voice of economics, Tianxia Caijing, Beijing on September 22, China's new energy vehicles increased three times year-on-year in August this year. In the case of sluggish overall growth in the automotive industry, new energy vehicles are a little red in the green. The high-speed growth of vehicle output has also brought a huge opportunity for the development of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of new energy vehicles: Mobile crossbeams. The motor system is expected to become a 100 billion market in five years

the emergence of new energy vehicles has stimulated investment in the motor industry.

it is predicted that the annual output of new energy vehicles will reach 200000 this year. As an emerging industry, although the growth rate is fast, the total amount is not large, accounting for only about 1% of the overall automobile industry. Therefore, some analysts say that with the gradual implementation of supporting policies and the improvement of production technology, the new energy vehicle industry may still have hundreds of times the growth space

the fast and large-scale market has driven the production of new energy vehicle parts, among which the performance of the motor industry is the most eye-catching. Experts predict that according to the industrial scale of new energy vehicles, the demand for motor drive systems is expected to reach 50 to 100billion yuan in 2020. Wangkefeng, deputy general manager of BAIC new energy automobile, introduced that the motor is one of the core components of the new energy automobile, which is equivalent to the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine of the traditional barrow instrument. It uses high-precision load sensors to measure the force of the automobile engine:

wangkefeng: it is equivalent to the function of the previous engine of the automobile. The source of power depends entirely on the motor, which converts the battery into driving force, which should be second only to the battery

the rise of the motor industry has also triggered the capital market. The semi annual reports of 10 motor enterprises including Dayang Electric Co., Ltd. recently released show that 80% of the enterprises' net profits are growing positively. In addition to the old brand enterprises, more and more new entrants also want to take a share. In the first half of the year, Wanxiang Qianchao and other traditional auto parts enterprises entered this field by means of equity participation or acquisition

the new energy vehicle motor market has a bright prospect, and R & D enterprises need to pay more attention to technology.

although the market is promising, the development of the hybrid industry is not plain sailing. Tianyongqiu, a senior auto commentator, pointed out that the motor market now has a big cake, but 3D printing has been fully reflected once again. Different types of new energy vehicles correspond to different technologies, which makes some enterprises unable to meet the market demand. Therefore, while seizing the market, we should pay more attention to the accumulation of different technologies:

tianyongqiu: there are many types of new energy vehicles in China. Different vehicles are equipped with different types of motors, which is not what you see. This market cake is very big, but the unique market needs considerable accumulation

another problem to be solved is how to deal with the challenges of foreign enterprises. At present, the domestic new energy vehicle motor market is mainly supported by independent enterprises, but old brand manufacturers such as electric equipment and Siemens will intervene in a strong way sooner or later. Wang Kefeng frankly said that there is still a gap between the domestic motor controller technology and that of foreign countries:

Wang Kefeng: China's motor itself is not backward. We have some advantages in materials and technology, but the motor controller technology may still be mainly mastered abroad, so we mostly use its functional modules for system integration or software development

however, wangkefeng, deputy general manager of BAIC new energy vehicles, believes that China's new energy vehicle motor industry has a bright future. As long as we make good use of the industry's first mover advantage, we can achieve overtaking at corners:

Wang Kefeng: I am confident, because the first thing is that in principle, we are not as far apart as the traditional automobile industry. In the new energy vehicle industry, we basically started at the same time, At the same time, we have some advantages in resources, including raw materials. More importantly, China has done the best in the industrialization of electric vehicles. As long as we do a good job in the first mover advantage of the industry, we will certainly be able to drive the technological progress of the relevant parts industry

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