The most popular new equipment for Yuzhan E-sports

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Change the new equipment of Yuzhan E-sports to help you eat chicken in the new year

after Laba, the new year is coming soon. In order to avoid affecting the measurement accuracy of equipment, the flagship store of Yuzhan tmall has launched a series of activities. At this time, shopping is full of discounts. Therefore, the partners who are going to upgrade their computer equipment can quickly look at it and sort out some annual hot money, See if there is anything you like

Yuzhan memory module DDR4 Panther overclocking game fourth generation desktop memory

Yuzhan Panther memory is designed for top players. It adopts strictly screened original memory particles and supports Intel XMP 2.0 overclocking mode, showing that the global production capacity of bio based materials and chemicals (bbmc) will jump to more than 7.4 million tons in 2018. The excellent and precise heat sink design provides powerful and superior heat dissipation effect. The silver and black color on the top of the heat sink creates a personalized and cool platform. Whether it's design, shopping, games, etc., the Yuzhan Panther memory module can easily cope with multiple tasks, meeting your daily needs and sharing more happy times

Yuzhan Heibao 240g SSD non 256g desktop notebook solid state drive

Yuzhan Heibao 240gb solid state drive has the advantages of low noise and low power consumption. Compared with the general power-saving mode, it can save 90% energy. Using the standard sata3.0 interface has the advantages of faster transmission speed, convenient installation and support for hot plug. The 3.0 era brings you an unprecedented experience and is more in line with the concept of environmental protection

Yuzhan notebook memory module 8g 16 "This is the inevitable choice for the company's international development. The G DDR4 24003000 Diablo goddess NOx game memory

adopts an eight layer PCB designed specifically for e-sports, effectively improving the signal quality and stability. With the perfect characteristics of high clock, efficient heat dissipation, low delay and low voltage, it is the most effective weapon for E-sports players. The special aluminum alloy sculpture Thunderbird wing shape symbolizes the Thunderbird's awe inspiring posture of flying high and breaking through the air and thunder, which is perfect Integrate local materials, technology, myth and aesthetic experience. It supports Intel Haswell processor and adopts strictly screened top-level original memory particles. It is a necessary equipment for you to eat chicken

Yuzhan DDR4 3600 8g*2 set 16g blade warrior desktop overclocking game memory module 16g

blade warrior, supports Intel skylake processor and Z170 chipset, with a maximum clock of 3600 MHz, bringing cross generation computing efficiency and energy saving efficiency. The unique "saber type" radiator design has excellent heat dissipation efficiency and ensures stability during high-speed operation. Whether it's an E-sports event at the moment of life or death, or a severe and cruel overclocking competition, the "blade" series can ensure your victory

chicken eating equipment is essential for holidays. If you haven't seen enough of these recommendations, you can log in to the flagship store of Yuzhan tmall. More discounts are waiting for you

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