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[a new era and a new chapter] before the Spring Festival, the shenzhuan Road, which has been "dark and blind" for many years, is lit up all over the line, and the new street lights can give an intelligent alarm.

340 street lights have been installed on the 7km section of Qingtian road chenshantang bridge of shenzhuan Road, which has solved the problem of "dark and blind" of residents traveling at night for many years

"it used to be dark at night and you can't see clearly when driving. Now you can exchange operations with servo automatic control. Residents have praised the lights on the shenzhuan road.

recently, 340 street lights were installed on the 7km section of Qingtian road Chenshan Tangqiao of shenzhuan Road, which has solved the problem of" dark lights and blind lights "of residents' night trips for many years Problems. Now, we have finally filled in the shortage of street lights. Before the Spring Festival, the lights on the whole shenzhuan highway will be on, which will protect the safety of surrounding residents at night

it is understood that the section of shenzhuan highway (Qingtian road chenshantang bridge) has been criticized by residents for lack of street lamps

shenzhuan highway starts from Zhufeng highway in Qingpu District in the West and ends at Husong highway in Songjiang District in the East, with a total length of about 21 kilometers. It is the trunk road leading to Sheshan National Tourist Resort and the east-west trunk road connecting Qingpu and Songjiang

about 7km of shenzhuan highway (Qingtian road chenshantang bridge) located in Songjiang District is mainly used for instrument control, data collection, data analysis, data display and other fields. The section lacks road lighting facilities. Tianma racecourse, Tianma Mountain Cemetery, Tianma Industrial Park, weijiadai, Xinzhen, Liujia and other six villages and towns are gathered around the section. The traffic flow is large and the speed is fast. Due to the lack of necessary lighting facilities, It has always brought a lot of inconvenience to the surrounding residents, and it is also easy to cause traffic casualties. Since last year, we have received many proposals and appeals from the people's Congress and the masses of Songjiang District on the lack of lighting facilities in the section of shenzhuan highway (Qingtian road chenshantang bridge). From the previous and current situation, the society has a strong response and urgent demand

at the beginning of 2018, Songjiang District construction and management committee carried out a large-scale investigation, comprehensively figured out the difficulties and pain points of the road lighting facilities in the region, such as "there are roads but no lights", and began to organize the formulation of the special plan for road lighting in Songjiang District

"turning on the lights on the eve of the Spring Festival can bring a guarantee to the travel of surrounding residents during holidays and festivals, and solve the problem of night travel safety of residents as soon as possible." Xuyinzhang, director of Songjiang District construction and Management Committee, introduced that the construction unit formally entered the site for construction on December 20 after the official approval of the new road lighting facilities project of Shenyang brick road was obtained on October 12 last year. After nearly 40 days of intensive construction, the section of shenzhuan highway (Qingtian road chenshantang bridge) has been commissioned and the lights were turned on on the evening of January 28, which means that the lights on the whole line of shenzhuan highway have been turned on

it is worth mentioning that the 340 street lamps newly built in the project all use energy-saving and environmental friendly LED lamp sources, and adopt the Nb IOT IOT intelligent street lamp control system, which is more advanced in the current market, so as to realize the real-time alarm for the remote switch of a single street lamp and the damage of street lamps such as blindness, deflection and pole impact

"at present, Shen grade 2 reinforcement (HRB335) is rib reinforced brick highway, which is the first to use this control system in Songjiang District. It can be said to be a pilot." Xu yinzhang said

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