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Xinpeng Lianzhong explores industrial interconnection, realizes less production and moves towards intelligence

although industrial interconnection has been implemented in China for only a few years, a large number of industrial manufacturing enterprises have achieved some gains through mode exploration, platform application and industrial collaboration. Realize the unmanned and centralized production process, and transform to data-driven collaborative R & D, on-demand manufacturing and precise service

Xinpeng Lianzhong began to explore production automation in 2013. The benefits brought by equipment automation and logistics automation make it more eager for the tensile test of materials with more materials or small diameter wire shape produced by industrial interconnection. In the 2.0 period of new friends Lianzhong, try more work and collaboration methods to make manufacturing more intelligent and lean

Xinpeng Lianzhong has two parallel paths to explore industrial interconnection

UFIDA has served 460000 industrial enterprises. To sum up, three mainstream paths have been formed for manufacturing enterprises to move towards industrial interconnection: first, machine replacement to improve production efficiency; 2、 Running errands to improve coordination efficiency; 3、 The algorithm changes the brain to improve the decision-making efficiency

if we trace the road of industrial interconnection exploration of Xinpeng Lianzhong, it can be summarized as machine replacement + online errands

Shanghai Xinpeng Lianzhong Auto Parts Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is an auto parts supporting enterprise. The company implements the cross regional linkage development mode and the modern enterprise layout of benefit sharing among the four factories in Ningbo, Shanghai, Yangzhou and Changsha. Strive to provide high-quality products and services for passenger car OEMs

as the core parts supplier of SAIC Volkswagen, Xinpeng Lianzhong faces various challenges, such as many supporting manufacturers, high coordination difficulties, and the full life cycle quality traceability required by Volkswagen formal-q system. Under the double pressure of upstream OEMs and downstream suppliers, Xinpeng Lianzhong takes the lead in transformation and has its own understanding and planning for intelligent manufacturing. They believe that informatization is the brain, automation is the limbs, and lean is the thinking mode. Only through the parallel development of the three, can the economic benefits of enterprises be improved

based on the UFIDA smart industrial Internet platform, Xinpeng Lianzhong cooperates upstream and downstream, realizing intelligent logistics, intelligent IOT, industrial chain collaboration, mobile management and real-time traceability, which has been fully applied in four factories. After implementation, the most intuitive benefit is that the output is increased by 22%, but the personnel is reduced by 31%, and the defect is reduced from 0.3% to 0.1%. According to the company's strategy, Xinpeng Lianzhong will realize the black light factory in 2021

In recent years, with the shortage of wage sources and the maturity of intelligent equipment, many industrial enterprises have built intelligent factories and replaced man-machine dialogue with machine dialogue, so as to improve production efficiency, alleviate labor shortage and replace traditional demographic dividend with machine dividend. This is the value of replacing people with machines

at the end of 2013, Xinpeng Lianzhong began to implement welding production automation. By the end of 2018, a large number of welding robots had been introduced to replace manual welding lines, saving at least 500 people. At the same time, efforts were made to transform the existing manual line automation, with a total investment of 210million, saving 595 direct workers. This not only effectively alleviates the dilemma of difficult recruitment and expensive labor in the overall status of manufacturing, but also further ensures product quality, improves the workshop manufacturing environment, and the per capita output value of enterprise welding business increases year by year

Sheng 13 Deformation interface: the deformation channel interface and experimental software can be equipped with various types of extended production planning on-site welding automation scenarios according to user needs. By the end of 2017, on the basis of the existing production automation, we will continue to explore the improvement space for the automation transformation of infield logistics and loading and unloading handling. Now, the transformation of the workshop's infield AGV automatic handling and visual recognition automatic blanking and packing has been completed in the pilot workshop of Yangzhou factory. The labor cost of logistics handling in single car rooms has decreased by more than 2.8 million yuan annually. Xinpeng Lianzhong will gradually promote logistics automation in the next few years

running errands to achieve upstream and downstream collaboration in the industrial chain

with the intensification of market competition and the development of interconnection, more and more industrial enterprises carry out business with upstream and downstream of the industrial chain through interconnection, or remotely control equipment through interconnection, using screen to screen instead of face-to-face, so as to greatly improve the synergy efficiency and optimize the resource allocation capacity, including material resources, capital resources, R & D resources, etc. This is what we have seen, the significance of running errands for manufacturing enterprises

the formal cooperation between new friends Lianzhong and UFIDA started in 2014, and has successively built ERP, financial general ledger, digital manpower, MES, PLM, aiot, etc. In order to realize the management leap of phase 2.0, Xinpeng Lianzhong uses industrial app and IOT to realize the semi-manual and semi-automatic management mode and accelerate the pace towards intelligent manufacturing

industrial chain collaboration: through OPCS interface, supplier collaboration system and labor service system, Xinpeng Lianzhong has achieved collaboration with Volkswagen automobile factory, 108 suppliers and 15 labor service companies, with an average daily labor force of 1041 and more than 200 vehicles. Compared with the original email method, the accuracy of orders, procurement efficiency and financial accounting efficiency have been greatly improved

for example, through the establishment of supplier collaboration platform, efficient information exchange with downstream suppliers can be realized to ensure timely, visible and traceable information transmission. Take the system platform as the medium to realize end-to-end collaboration with suppliers. By april2019, the company had participated in the Xinpeng Lianzhong supplier collaboration platform, with 108 suppliers and 197 effective accounts

purchase collaboration is based on the category and scale of commodities and the application scenario

production and manufacturing process management: the existing management concepts are realized through the system through the use of industrial app, bar code and mobile terminal

realize timely stock system warehousing and transfer through the logistics system and bar code, and realize real-time inventory counting. Fast receiving and warehousing based on image recognition technology. Realize the docking and import of customer EDI purchasing orders, and quickly generate sales orders; Orders can be released and tracked in the production system; UFIDA has created an equipment steward application for Xinpeng Lianzhong to realize the real-time data collection of equipment repair and maintenance. Improve equipment life cycle management, improve equipment reliability, and standardize the standardized process of maintenance and repair; Through the quality system, the quality personnel know that polyamide (PA) has won people's attention because of its unique performance of low specific gravity, high tensile strength, wear resistance, good self lubrication, excellent impact toughness and hardness and flexibility. They have completed the on-site quality inspection through bar code and handheld terminal; Through the process system, the input/output parameter patrol inspection of field equipment is realized, so as to make up for the incomplete collection information of IOT of existing field equipment

application scenario of on-site logistics system

on site production equipment IOT: Xinpeng Lianzhong's factory has 1 stamping line, 4 uncoiling lines, 361 welding robot islands and 31 AGV transporters. All equipment in the factory is reconstructed and upgraded through UFIDA smart aiot, and the working information of each equipment is collected in real time, which is associated with orders and processes. Industrial big data analysis and mining are done to realize real-time monitoring and real-time alarm of on-site production lines

mes equipment system connection

the industrial interconnection road of Xinpeng Lianzhong brings more thinking space to manufacturing enterprises. Enterprises can combine their own characteristics and advantages to find suitable paths, modes and platforms to explore and practice. As one of the top ten cross industry and cross field industrial interconnection platforms in China, UFIDA Smart has helped Angang Group, Shuangliang group, southern cement, Fujian Petrochemical, Atlantic and other enterprises realize industrial interconnection. It will continue to serve manufacturing enterprises, provide complete infrastructure construction and effective landing path for enterprise digitalization and intelligent transformation

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