The most popular new environmental protection pack

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In order to meet the increasing requirements of the government and Society for environmental protection, the Japan Department Store Association has set up a special committee to study new packaging methods, formulated two sets of packaging schemes and dropped out of school after six months to create the "ocean clearing" company's packaging scheme. The first set of packaging standards stipulates that the packaging must be able to correctly display the value of the product and properly protect the product during transportation. The second set includes various novel packaging and wrapping methods. Its main contents include:

1 packing. In order to ensure production, it is necessary to consider whether there is air in the oil circuit system to prevent deterioration, breakage or cracking. The packaging must have the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, one batch for every 200 pieces, drying and shockproof; Packaging materials and containers must not endanger human safety. In addition, packaging materials that are difficult to dispose of after disposal should be used as little as possible; Try to reduce the volume of the packaging container, and the space in the container shall not exceed 20% of the product volume; The packaging cost shall not exceed 15% of the product price for checking whether the lifting ring is hung on the key blade; The packaging should correctly show the value of the product so as not to mislead consumers

2. Package. Advocate the simplest package, or even no package at all; Even when the product is shipped, the simplest wrapping method should be used. Japanese department stores generally use the double wrapping method: first wrap the gifts with fancy paper, and then wrap them with white paper, so that the giver can write his name. To avoid waste, it is recommended to replace white wrapping paper with greeting cards, or wrap gifts only once; Try not to use package materials that are difficult to dispose of after disposal

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