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The new factory of over 100 million fasteners has been established in the non-standard market of over 100 million fasteners

the new factory of over 100 million fasteners has been established in the non-standard market of over 100 million fasteners

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Guide: Recently, it was learned that over 100 million screw industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. added a new Factory Taicang over 100 million Fasteners Co., Ltd. in may2012, with a total investment of 1000, otherwise it is difficult to meet the requirements of humidity control accuracy of US $million, and a registered capital of US $5million, Covering an area of 15000 square meters, it was completed in Liuhe Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province in December, 2012 and will be completed in 2013

recently, it was learned that Chaoyi screw industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. added a new factory "Taicang Chaoyi Fastener Co., Ltd." in may2012, with a total investment of 10million US dollars, a registered capital of 5million US dollars and an area of 15000 square meters. It was completed in Liuhe Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province in December 2012, and will hold an opening ceremony in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment at the beginning of 2013. At that time, the plant will mainly produce non-standard fasteners, mainly in the automotive industry, and the output is expected to reach 100 million yuan. The "over 100 million screws" that have gone through a cycle of 12 years are poised to make great efforts in the non-standard market

according to Vice President Chao Yiyue, "With the continuous expansion of the business of more than 100 million yuan at home and abroad, the existing plant has been unable to meet our capacity needs. Moreover, as some of our products gradually enter the high-end field, the steel hammer body is vertically fixed on the special fixture. Customers also put forward higher and higher requirements for our factory environment and perfect management area. Therefore, we urgently need a newer, larger and more modern plant to meet the needs of the market. ”

"in order to strive for perfection, we spent more than two years preparing for the new plant, and introduced a number of large Taiwan multi station cold heading equipment, secondary finishing equipment and heat treatment production lines," Vice President Yue said. "The new plant will be a new starting point for more than 100 million people to work hard. It is of great significance to improve the company's product level and enter the high-end industry."

it is understood that Chaoyi screw industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., established in August 2000, is a wholly-owned enterprise in Taiwan, mainly engaged in the research and development of hardware products. In 2007, in order to meet the production needs of more customers, Chaoyi set up Chaoyi screw industry (Dalian) Co., Ltd. in Dalian. At present, the company's main products are non-standard products in the field of fasteners. The products cover industries such as steam turbine vehicles, high-end buildings, electronics, motors, electric tools, bicycles, sports equipment, etc., and are mainly used for export and assembly for domestic well-known enterprises. In 2011, the sales volume of the company reached 50million yuan, and it is estimated that the sales volume in 2012 will reach more than 70million yuan

with strong R & D strength and perfect quality management system, super 100 million screws can not only meet customers' requirements on various drawings, but also help customers save costs and improve efficiency, which has been widely praised by many customers. Even Japan's largest construction company, which has strict quality, has given great recognition to the over 100 million screws and awarded them the excellent Honor Award

"it is not easy for us to win this honor. Because Japan is a country prone to earthquakes, their requirements for construction products are almost strict to the limit. Their recognition fully proves the high quality of our over 100 million screws." Deputy general manager Yue said with emotion

in fact, over 100 million screws have been sparing no effort in improving quality. "Thanks to the unremitting efforts of the super billion team, we passed the TS16949 certification in the automotive field in may2012, and have always been in strict accordance with this quality management system. At present, new products are developed every month, and customers are very satisfied with our products. In addition, we will regularly make inventory for customers according to customer needs, timely deliver goods, and actively help customers with various problems encountered in use." Vice President Yue said so

when asked why over 100 million people choose to develop non-standard markets, Vice President Yue said to the author: "At present, the fastener market competition is very fierce, but most enterprises are engaged in standard parts with low technical requirements, low quality requirements and a large number, so the increasingly compressed profit space puts pressure on many factories. Only in the non-standard fields that pursue high quality and high technical requirements, can we give full play to our advantages, so as to avoid vicious competition in the market and make super billion more energetic and vital."

it is worth mentioning that over 100 million screws will appear in the 7th (Chengdu) fastener Trade Fair (Booth No.: F18, F20, G17, G19) held on May with a special image. At that time, the company will mainly display a series of advantageous products developed in recent years for automobiles, electronics and buildings

"these products have high quality and technical requirements, but the price cost is lower than the previous processing technology. We hope that through the exhibition, we can know more customers with high quality requirements, and let them know more about the companies exceeding 100 million, and build a brand exceeding 100 million." Deputy general manager Yue added

in addition, vice president Yue is very optimistic about the market potential of Chengdu fasteners. She pointed out: "What we have achieved today is that we have seized the great opportunity of upgrading the imported sensors adopted by the market to open source instruments to the world's famous sensor manufacturer, American Quanli sensor, and actively adjusted our strategic positioning in the market. The western development is a major strategic decision of the central government, and we are very honored to have the opportunity to participate in it. As a central city in Western China, Chengdu has The rapid economic development will inevitably bring us many potential opportunities. We hope that through the Chengdu Exhibition, we can make more friends in the central and western regions and expand the influence of more than 100 million in the central and western regions and even the world. "

"recently, many bad phenomena of Chinese enterprises have been exposed, such as food safety, drug safety, etc. but there are also a large number of outstanding enterprises, especially in the industrial field. They are proactive, down-to-earth and rigorous, laying a solid foundation for the country's prosperity. We seem to see in them the shadow of Germany's industrial power at that time. Therefore," more than 100 million people " We will always uphold this spirit, take this new plant as an opportunity, continue to ride the wind and waves, forge ahead, and strive to develop into a world-class enterprise. " Vice President Yue said firmly

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