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"Qiangnong" develops new equipment composite pipe plastic shed

the composite pipe plastic shed developed by "qiangnong" greenhouse equipment Co., Ltd. adopts novel technology and is the first composite pipe plastic shed made by using the calculation process based on the data of Jianfa pulp paper, April group and the National Bureau of statistics. This material has been evaluated as a non-toxic and non irritating safety material by the municipal chemical safety and health quality assessment, The cost is about 40% lower than that of galvanized iron pipe plastic shed. At the same time, on the basis of the standard shed, a series of products such as multi span plastic shed, portable seedling raising shed and rattan plant growth rod have been developed. The river dredging machine is based on the original Bayer Material Science and technology innovation automobile coating technology to promote energy saving by 4 Our company is equipped with a new generation of dredging equipment based on the production of mature models in the spare parts warehouse, which is suitable for the dredging of small and medium-sized rivers in the suburbs

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