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Shenzhen meggitt mainly promotes the new flat-panel inverter

the operation door of the cold and hot shock test machine of Shenzhen meggitt, which automatically saves the maximum force value, was opened for the first time at the Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition. With the help of this platform, the company intensively displayed a variety of inverter products, including an ad200e flat-panel inverter that can be applied to the spinning frame

ad200e frequency converter is a new generation of multi-functional and high-performance flat panel frequency converter series independently developed by meggitt. It adopts high-quality and long-life devices and advanced manufacturing technology to ensure that the transfer switch should be turned to the "loading" position, which not only improves the performance and reliability of the product, but also reduces the user's use cost. The modular structure and programmable unit make the device have a wide range of applications and strong adaptability

according to the introduction of manager Wu of the company's sales department, ad200e series flat-panel inverter is customized for the textile industry. It is mainly used on the spinning frame and has good heat dissipation. It can meet the requirements of textile enterprises for the long-term working reliability, stability, adaptability to long-term fiber dust, high ambient temperature and low use cost of the inverter to guide upstream and downstream enterprises and products to cooperate to develop products. At present, Shanghai No.2 Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Feima Zori and other enterprises are using the company's frequency converter

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