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The new life transformation promotion river head system opens a new normal of water ecological management

China's environmental pollution] there are more than 300000 class IV River heads in China, and more than 750000 Village River heads. The comprehensive promotion of the river head system has outlined a new context of river and lake governance

the new transformation and promotion of the river head system starts the new normal of water ecological management

get through the last kilometer, compact the river head, ensure the implementation of the river head system, see the actual results, and build a completed and mature organization system, system and system. That is, the transformation from fame to reality is quietly penetrating

earlier, e Jingping, Minister of water resources, said at the press conference that river managers at all levels began to perform their duties, and many rivers and lakes have been managed from nobody to nobody. Next, it is not enough to be managed by someone, but it is more important to be able to manage well. Since the promotion of the river head system, a number of river and lake management and protection problems have been solved in succession, and the improvement of river and lake conditions is really visible

since the river head system is still a freshman, I will pay a high salary to hire it; There is no equipment system, and all links need to be further polished. Therefore, the next key work will focus on the establishment and improvement of river and lake archives, carry out special rectification actions, carry out river and lake system governance, consolidate the river length, establish a long-term mechanism, and promote the realization of river and lake governance

in fact, many regions have been in the forefront of demonstration in the process of exploring the implementation of the river head system based on the city and the implementation of one river one policy

Shandong is one of the first provinces to build a five level river length system. After the ecological river water environment has been significantly improved, the principals at the provincial, municipal, county, township and village levels will further promote water quality optimization. It is understood that the proportion of inferior class V water quality in Shandong Province should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is vertical, which has dropped to 2.4%, and the control of important rivers has basically completed full coverage

from river head System 1.0 to river head system 2.0, then to river head system 3.0, even 4.0 and 5.0, or 6.0 in the future, the perfection of a new system is rapidly changing in just a few years. From two-level river length and three-level river length to four-level river length and five-level river length, more people are in charge, and the river is clearer. The construction of the river head system has been preliminarily completed

in the process of implementing the river head system, Beijing has completed the "one river, one policy" for 14 watersheds. 1. The "one river, one policy" will break the traditional administrative division governance model and coordinate the whole watershed system governance. In addition, in the next step, Beijing will also draft the Interim Measures for river head restriction, which is another step ahead in system innovation

in the face of the new generation of river and lake management system framework and the need to further explore the need to promote the Yangtze River governance, all parts of the country are actively playing an active role in seeking practical, reproducible and scalable solutions. The river head is made into a framework, and its connotation will change according to needs, time and situation, waiting for the filling of fresh blood at any time

according to the Heilongjiang Provincial Water Resources Department, the provincial general office and the provincial people's Government jointly issued the notice on carrying out the special supervision of the provincial river and lake chief system, which will carry out a 10 day special supervision action from August 6 to August 16. In view of the implementation of the six major tasks, the performance of duties and the development of basic work, the supervision is conducted in eight aspects

combining theory with action and paying equal attention to supervision and assessment is an effective scheme for comprehensively implementing the river director system and giving full play to its role in river management and protection. Conducting the pressure of pollution control, the special supervision on the implementation results of the river head system reflects that the state and local governments have deeper expectations for the protection of rivers and lakes, and put water resources protection, water ecological restoration and water environment management on the right track

facts have proved that more and more rivers and lakes benefit from it. For example, the Qinhuai River, the mother river in Nanjing, has witnessed the profound changes in the Qinhuai River, from the serious excessive ammonia nitrogen content to the full protection of the fourth grade river head, and even the appointment of the folk river head

for another example, in Hunan, the control of three Xiangs and four rivers and lakes has opened provincial supervision, and the masses' awareness of supervision has been greatly improved. Actively build the most beautiful one lake and four rivers. The river length system has left a deep impression on the land of Sanxiang. From the five-level coverage to the first total river length durable order, it reflects the value of in-depth exploration

there are many cases like this. In the highly concentrated promotion actions, the changes brought by the river head system are numerous. In the future, the transformation of rivers, lakes and water will surely move towards normalization in the face of the east wind blowing by the river leader system

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