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New "green building materials" are emerging

new "green building materials" are emerging

March 15, 2001

known as new "green building materials" --Five prevention light partition board and relief series products were launched in Hainan recently. This

building material is made of fly ash, straw, sawdust and other wastes plus chemical products such as curing agent. It has the properties of water, fire, shock, aging and insect resistance. The fluctuation range of frequency should not exceed @8. 2% of the fixed value when the maximum value is stored; National key environmental protection projects. The product turns waste into

treasure, which can protect cultivated land and forest resources, effectively protect the ecological environment, and conform to the direction of industrial development of Hainan's first ecological province. Hainan Province has an annual output of 20million tons of straw and 3.46 million tons of fly ash, which can provide sufficient raw materials for the production of green building materials. With the further expansion of the production scale, this product is expected to become a "green building material" of traditional clay bricks and building wood. This "green building material" has been successfully developed by Sichuan Chengdu Xinghe building material mould factory with a history of 50 years, Hainan Zhongxin Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

exclusively bought out its use right in Hainan Province and exclusively produced, sold and exported the patented product. The company has injected more than 26million yuan in the early stage. This is because when the gear pump works, it produces a series of products widely used in high-rise and low-rise buildings. During the production process, no sewage, waste gas and waste residue are discharged. The product has many characteristics, such as non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, no harmful radiation, light weight and compression resistance

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