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In recent years, as the post-80s and post-90s generation gradually entered the society, it has become the main force of house purchase and decoration consumption. How to meet the needs of these groups has gradually become the key analysis object of avic-xi'an aircraft system doors and windows. In recent years, as the post-80s and post-90s generation has gradually entered society, it has become the main force of house purchase and decoration consumption. How to meet the needs of these groups has gradually become the key analysis object of avic-xi'an aircraft system doors and windows. As we all know, consumers' purchase decisions are affected and restricted by many factors. Therefore, an important premise to meet the needs of these consumers is that avic-xi'an aircraft system door and window proposed that we should first understand the consumption trends and characteristics of the target consumer groups

pay attention to quality: the growth environment and educational environment of the young generation are very different from those of the previous generation. The people they have been in contact with since childhood, education and life entertainment have left deep-rooted impressions in their minds, which will further affect their lives. Young people pay more attention to the quality of life, whether high or medium income, as long as I can maintain a normal life, I will always try to improve the quality of life

pursue individuality: the young generation grew up in an era of gradual opening, and various foreign customs and cultures have also exerted a subtle influence on their spiritual outlook. Nowadays, many people who pursue personality, whether in dress, hair style, or even housing decoration, have higher requirements for the living environment (after all, there are people who want to live with you for a lifetime)

online consumption: in recent years, the vigorous development of major e-commerce and the increasingly perfect supervision system and management mode in the field of e-commerce have made more and more door and window businesses and consumers willing to accept this new consumption mode. E-commerce is becoming more and more mainstream. The commodities of the younger generation of online shopping include almost all categories. In the current form, relying solely on retailers to transmit information to consumers can no longer adapt to the new business environment. Therefore, this safe, convenient and fast consumption mode has naturally become the first choice of our generation

different from the middle-aged and the elderly, we will form a change from trust to dependence on the brand when we consume. The data shows that the consumption frequency of 80 and 90 is generally higher than that of the next year, so we have more contact with products, and the quality of the same kind of goods is uneven, which will form a strong contrast in our hearts, so we will rely on the brand image

strong brand awareness: young people are picky about door and window products, especially the handling of details, which attracts our attention. In the consumption choice of similar products, it is often the goods with fine details that can "catch" our psychology

generally speaking, in our generation of consumer groups, factors related to the main body such as personal personality, temperament, interests, living habits and income level, as well as various stimulating factors such as the spatial environment, socio-cultural environment and economic environment in which consumers are located, will have an uncertain impact on the content, methods and results of consumer decision-making. AVIC Xifei system doors and windows said that a general understanding of the consumer psychology and consumer behavior characteristics of the "8090" group is one of the important topics of their analysis, because it will help AVIC Xifei system doors and windows tap the huge potential of nearly 400million post-80s and 90s people and promote the long-term development of enterprises

the doors and windows of AVIC Xifei system strictly adhere to the military quality of Xifei, integrity-based and service-oriented

advantage 1. Brand resources:

national large building materials store strategic alliance, such as red star Macalline, incredibly home, Xiyingmen Fancheng, etc., to ensure the optimal location

advantage 2. Brand building:

national unified VI image design and SI decoration standards. Brand public relations, product display, store clothing, all-round shaping of AVIC Xifei brand

advantage 3. Brand promotion:

the first honorary enterprise in the industry that is cordially cared for by national leaders: Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Li Keqiang, etc

create a brand image of hearing, vision, smell, touch and feeling, and realize the promotion of precision media, outdoor and deep-seated channels in the industry

advantage 4. Product advantage:

for products that cannot be copied, we should strive for perfection in each link of raw material selection, production control and product inspection to ensure the excellent quality of products

the super strong R & D team is constantly updated to maximize the benefits of Xifei products that reach the franchisees

advantage 5. Comprehensive operation guidance:

every regional market has professional regional representatives, one-on-one tracking service

sincere service before, during and after sales to create value is one of the core cultural concepts of Xifei brand

advantage 6. Comprehensive guarantee:

the regional uniqueness of each franchisee to ensure the maximization of the interests of franchisees

strong production capacity ensures the accuracy of delivery time

high rebates and decoration subsidies to ensure a unified retail price across the country




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