Persistence and persistence of a Tuscan

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Every Tuscan, through countless days and months, perseveres and works hand in hand, and will certainly become a streamer in the years

there is no rehearsal in life. Every second is live broadcast, and we can't go back and start over every minute we experience. I'm Huang ting. I work in the Tuscan customer service department. Like everyone else, I'm just an ordinary person, but persistence and persistence have made me grow into a different Tuscan

when we were young, we often heard the saying "only by working hard can we make progress". However, with the changes of the times, now we will feel that working hard is foolishness, and it is more important to go the right way and find the right method. I have never objected to this statement, but I think that in this impetuous society, what we need more may be to insist on doing one thing

I don't know if you have any favorite games. When I was 17 years old, I was crazy about a game called Xuanwu. As a rookie who just played the game, I was just a green leaf against the red flowers. However, later, I was called the great God, and I also harvested a large number of fans. It felt good to be worshipped, but in fact, only I knew that I would keep practicing game fingering, from easy to difficult, every day, Maybe many people will think that I have wasted time, but the habit of persistence I have formed since then has benefited me for life

I remember when I first started working, I was ignorant and didn't say anything about detours. I didn't know how to solve problems. I was so quick tempered that I was almost anxious with customers. My work also entered a bottleneck period. I didn't know where to start at all, and even began to doubt myself. At this time, you might say, look, some things can't be solved by persistence, but now I'm still in the customer service department, and I'm not flustered when things happen, It's easy to do things, because what? It's still my persistence! For anything, we must go through the process of trial, failure, reflection and adjustment before we can have real gains. In the process of work, in addition to the persistence of the career, what I always adhere to is continuous reflection, thinking about what else I have not done well and what can be done better, day after day... Speaking of this, maybe you understand that we need to stick to action, And sometimes we should keep thinking, in order to achieve the desired victory

each of us has something we love and adhere to, maybe a simple hobby, a person we haven't seen for a long time, or a career you love... In fact, at this moment, aren't we also adhering to something? Every Tuscan is adhering to our career and faith. Everything we do together is not to give back the blue sky to our children, Pass the earth on to future generations

meteors have been shuttling through the universe, burning themselves in darkness and loneliness for a long time, and finally become a streamer that can make a wish and be looked up to by the world. And we, every Tuscan, in countless days and months, persistent, hand in hand, can also become a streamer in the years

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