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In the process of purchasing wood flooring, we must choose laminate flooring brands that have high requirements for floor quality. We should know that when paving wood flooring, if the floor quality is not up to standard, it is easy to break and damage when paving after cutting. Therefore, how can we choose good wood flooring? Next, let's have a look

first, see the appearance

the appearance of the floor is a simple method to test the quality of the floor, mainly to see whether the floor has scarring, paint peeling, delamination, moth eaten and other phenomena

first, check whether the color of the floor is consistent. If the color difference is too large, which directly affects the appearance, you can ask for replacement; If the color is too consistent and there is almost no color difference, it depends on whether the patterns on the floor surface are the same. In addition, it is common that there are moths in the ground keel because it has not been treated. This problem needs to be further dealt with by a professional construction team

second, look at the wood core structure, thickness and details

the substrate density of the floor is very strict. A good floor requires that the substrate density is not too soft and not too brittle. Excellent substrate can ensure the stability of the floor performance and not easy to deform. Observe a whole piece of wood floor, no matter the surface, back, or four edges, the workmanship is smooth and exquisite, without rough and hairy touch

III. whether the splicing is tight

the tightness of the splicing is related to the edge treatment of the floor. If the edges of the wooden floor are slightly rounded, the splicing effect of the wooden floor can show a clear splicing edge, but from the seam of the splicing, it is meticulous and tight. Xiaobian needs to remind everyone that the splicing gap of the floor should be reasonably determined according to the environmental temperature and humidity during paving, floor width, floor moisture content, wood properties and paving area

IV. wear resistance, dirt resistance, fire resistance and water resistance

in the manufacturing process of wood flooring, the surface will be covered with a layer of wear-resistant coating, which mainly plays the role of wear resistance and floor protection. In order to better test the wear resistance of the floor, steel ball and screwdriver can be selected for friction test. When the steel ball is used to rub the surface, there are slight scratches on the floor, but they are not obvious. After scraping, a reasonable range of wear is acceptable. However, if you use a screwdriver to scratch the wood surface, there will be obvious scratches on the wood surface, but the traces are not deep, and there is no large-area associated damage, which shows that this wood floor plate still has relatively good wear-resistant characteristics




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