220000 decorated simple European style three bedro

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MM's small home, 220000 decorated three bedroom European wedding room, compact and practical. European style is MM's favorite decoration style, so when decorating her wedding room, she mainly chose European style design


house type: three rooms and one living room

area: 125 square meters all expenses (including household appliances): 22W

post-80s. Modern style + simple Europe

let's start with a living room + European style cabinet room + European style background wallpaper + simple and modern dining table stool. The color of lanterns is itself a very delicate ceramic pattern. Look at the white one like this

modern style of living room + simple Europe

living room - it's more atmospheric and refreshing. It doesn't live for a long time, and there may be less decorations. I will purchase slowly in the future. Gradually enrich

sofa modern style + simple Europe

TV background is not wallpaper. What is it called again. I can't remember clearly. If you go to the field. The silver white wall paint next to the light yellow is flashing, bright. The little tree is a little monotonous


the appearance of connecting the bedroom with white and red feels simple and looks comfortable





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