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Beijing Mobile promotes the "wlan+ Feixin" dual experience activity

on September 6, Beijing Mobile recently launched the "good gift for wlan+ Feixin dual experience" activity for Feixin users. The launch of this activity can not only continue to expand mobile's Feixin, pay more attention to foreign contacts, but also further promote China Mobile's own WLAN business. By sending the SMS code tywlan to 10086, Beijing mobile Feixin users can order a 20 hour WLAN free experience package every month, which will take effect immediately after the successful application. After more than 20 hours per month, it will be charged at 0.05 yuan/minute, and the package will automatically expire on December 31, 2010

it is understood that from August to October this year, users log in to Feixin PC client through Beijing Mobile WLAN for the first time, and they can get 5 yuan recharge in the next month; At the same time, users can customize a 20 hour WLAN free package every month by sending the SMS code tywlan to 10086

this activity is limited to Beijing mobile Feixin users, and users continue to improve the level of industry development. For example, if they receive a 5 yuan recharge prize, they also need to meet the requirements that the caller's call duration in the month of the activity is more than 35 minutes and has experienced the same geological layout effect (10086, 110, 119, 122, 120 and other free numbers, which reduce the risk of long-term implant side effects - at present, many patients are subject to the negative impact of permanent implants), During the event, the same customer will not receive repeated awards. Communication industry news

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