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China's door and window hardware ushers in new opportunities for development

the development of China's real estate and other industries has brought a good development foundation for the door and window hardware industry, and has a huge market. The huge potential market has provided a good environment for the development of China's door and window hardware industry. Moreover, with the growth of domestic economic level, it is expected that the demand for door and window hardware in the domestic market will further increase in the future

driven by the urbanization process

as door and window hardware products are mostly used in shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings, exhibition halls and other public places with frequent access, the development of the construction industry and the development of door and window hardware are closely related to the urbanization process of a country and region

at present, China is in the stage of large-scale urbanization. As the world's largest construction market and the world's largest consumer of door and window hardware, due to the accelerated process of new town construction and public infrastructure construction, the potential demand for door and window hardware products will show an upward trend in the next few years, with broad market prospects

opportunities for affordable housing construction

the leaders of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development said that the construction of 30million affordable housing units in five years will have the effect of squeezing the current real estate foam. At present, about 10million people enter the city every year. The laboratory has passed the CNAs authoritative certification of China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment. Now, affordable housing in large and medium-sized cities has solved about 7% - 10% of the housing demand. The goal of the 12th Five Year Plan is to solve 20% of the housing demand through the construction of affordable housing

the introduction of the hard index of affordable housing construction will lead to another peak of real estate project construction led by affordable housing while the current real estate industry is suppressed by policies. This is a new development opportunity for the building materials, building hardware, building decoration and home decoration industries driven by the real estate industry. The building hardware industry will take a share of the construction of affordable housing. It can be predicted that in the five years during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the demand for affordable housing construction will be one of the important demands of these products in the domestic market, and will play a huge role in driving the overall development of the construction hardware industry

How can the prosperity of commercial real estate be inspected according to the set yield strength? The slope of the curve controls the heating up and cooling rate to hide business opportunities

at present, under the influence of comprehensive factors such as the regulation of the real estate market and the transformation of real estate enterprises under urbanization, commercial real estate such as shops and office buildings continue to heat up. Compared with the flat residential market, commercial real estate not only blooms everywhere in the first tier cities, which are becoming more and more mature, but also in the second and third tier cities, which have become developers' gold diggers. Your problem is the treasure land of our commercial real estate. In 2010, based on the pressure of national regulatory policies and the increasing risks of the housing market, many real estate developers began to transform to commercial real estate. As door and window hardware products are widely used in commercial buildings, the prosperity of commercial real estate will bring huge business opportunities to the door and window hardware industry

now, although there is a certain foam in the real estate market in some regions of China, especially in the housing market, the State implements strict macro-control over the real estate industry. With the steady development of the national economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the construction of a large number of affordable housing and the development of commercial real estate will inevitably increase the market demand for door and window hardware. The door and window hardware industry is bound to have a sustained and rapid development

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