The hottest DOP phthalic anhydride market in Guang

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The dop/phthalic anhydride market in Guangzhou is stable

the DOP market in Guangzhou is weak. Today, the mainstream price is maintained at yuan/ton, with aluminum based new materials as the target, high-end quotation and low-end shipment. However, the downstream order is becoming more and more light, but traders are optimistic about the recent market, and their mentality is stable. There is no dumping phenomenon, so the market situation can remain stable

phthalic anhydride is maintained at yuan/ton, which is quoted at the high end, but the transaction is difficult. The mainstream transaction is at the low end, and it is said that 8200 yuan/ton is also traded. Aijing has a rich supply of phthalic anhydride. At present, the transaction volume is yuan/ton, which is the same as that of domestic products

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