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As the "double 11" shopping Carnival approaches, crazy cartons trigger a chain reaction

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core tip: there is still one month to go before the annual "double 11" shopping carnival, all major platforms and brands are naturally gearing up, and the response of express companies has come a little quickly this year. On October 10, Zhongtong express made it clear in the announcement that since the beginning of this year, the express industry has been affected by many factors, such as the increase in transportation costs, the increase in labor costs, and the rise in the price of packaging materials. Zhongtong express decided to adjust the express price from now on. Yesterday, Yunda express also announced to adjust the express price, which is also the "same reason"

[China Packaging News] one month before the annual "double 11" shopping carnival, major platforms and brands are naturally gearing up, and the response of express companies has come a little quickly this year

on October 10, Zhongtong express made it clear in its announcement that since the beginning of this year, the express industry has been affected by many factors, such as the increase in transportation costs, the increase in labor costs, and the rise in the price of packaging materials. Zhongtong express decided to adjust the express price from now on. Yesterday, Yunda express also announced to adjust the express price, which is also the "same reason". Although both Zhongtong and Yunda have not announced the price increase, the price increase of express delivery fee is a certainty

the two large express delivery groups publicized the price rise, which soon made headlines in yesterday's finance and economics. Yesterday, I specially interviewed some express delivery enterprises in Ningbo

the sorting line of an express company in our city

express companies attributed the rise in prices to the increase in costs

the two express giants announced price increases one after another. Why

noted that Zhongtong attributed the price adjustment to: "since this year, the express industry has been affected by many factors, such as increased transportation costs, increased labor costs, and rising raw material prices. At the same time, in order to further improve the service quality and protect the interests of customers." The reason for Yunda's price rise is: "in order to continuously improve the service quality and better provide you with better, more convenient and efficient express services, it is also affected by the rising labor, materials and operating costs."

"obviously, the cost increase is the main reason for this price increase." Guan Chengzhong, why did the customer take the experimental machine from here yesterday? Tian said that from the situation of the area he is responsible for, the labor cost increases. The average daily delivery and receipt of general express direct sales points is about 150000 orders, and the "last mile" of these 150000 orders delivered to the customer needs to be completed by the express brother. The income of express delivery is about 2 yuan, while the income of sending a takeout can reach 5 yuan. Moreover, the time of sending takeout is more free than that of sending express delivery, which leads many express delivery brothers to turn to the takeout industry, resulting in the shortage of manpower in the express industry. With the "double 11" approaching, the rental of venues, the addition of vehicles and the expenditure of manpower are a lot of expenses. The announcement of the express price adjustment issued by the headquarters of Zhongtong in Shanghai is undoubtedly a timely rain for many express delivery enterprises

Qiu Guangrong of Yunda said that for more than 20 years, other industries have been adjusting prices, and only the express industry has fallen instead of rising. He said that taking Taobao customers as an example, the charge for sending a single piece from Ningbo to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai fell from the highest 15 yuan to 3 yuan, and the lowest was only 2.7 yuan to 2.8 yuan. This kind of irrational competition in the industry makes it difficult for many express delivery enterprises, which is very detrimental to the development of an industry. Qiu Guangrong has been struggling in the express industry for more than 20 years. He said that he had raised prices several times before, but they were all thunderous and small. Finally, he had to adopt a low-cost strategy because he lost to horizontal competition. Qiu Guangrong believes that this year should be the bottom rebound of express prices, and prices should return to rationality, rather than the previous one

transportation costs and labor costs have been rising in recent years. From last year to now, the prices of base paper, cartons, plastics, inks, etc. have soared. These are the main raw materials for express packaging and materials, and the resulting purchase costs are naturally rising. From this point of view, it is not difficult to understand the price rise of express companies

but why did Zhongtong, Yunda and others choose to adjust the price before the advent of "double 11", which is purely a coincidence? Interviewed some people engaged in express delivery industry in Ningbo. They said that the price adjustment of express delivery in peak season was not a coincidence, but a manifestation of the leverage effect caused by the market. Price is the lever to adjust the market. The price adjustment of Zhongtong and Yunda before the "double 11" is to "slim down" themselves on the premise of being controllable before the peak season, so as to serve high-quality customers in a more healthy way. At the same time, this is also a kind of market education for customers. The purpose is to establish a price floating mechanism guided by market supply and demand, and let customers accept this mechanism

the rise in the price of raw materials triggered a chain reaction

the price of express cartons increased four times in two months

there is still one month to go before the "double 11" this year. Have you started making lists and loading shopping carts? Although there are many dazzling promotions now, the "double 11" is still recognized as the best time to "bargain hunting" throughout the year. It is predicted that during the "double 11" period this year (November 11-16), the total amount of express delivery processing will reach a new level, and is expected to exceed 1billion pieces

it was learned from yesterday's interview that there were large-scale price increases and shortages of express cartons. The implication is that the things you buy are going to be unable to package

at the "double 11" node, in addition to preparing goods, merchants also need to prepare transportation materials and packaging in advance, which is also the peak demand for express cartons throughout the year

but this year's situation has made many businesses difficult. With the rapid rise in the price of base paper, the cost of express cartons has also increased a lot, and even out of stock. Even the most common corrugated box, there has been a rough rise in prices and a shortage of supply in the market

"this year, the price of packing cases can be said to have risen violently, four times since August." A Taobao shopkeeper who manages children's beach toys in Ningbo told that the three-tier postal standard cartons are mainly used in the store, and cartons 1 to 12 are used, of which cartons 4 and 5 are mostly used

"now the price of these two models of cartons from the cooperative carton factory is 2.01 yuan and 1.46 yuan respectively, about 0.3 yuan higher than that in early August. Compared with the same period last year, it has almost doubled."

according to several carton packaging factories in Ningbo, since August, the carbon fiber content of the three-layer post is about 10% to 40%, and the quotations of standard cartons and five-layer high-quality cartons have been increased to varying degrees. The growth rate of different types of cartons is slightly different, but it is basically about 0.3 yuan

"the price rise is the result of the whole industry, so it has not affected the sales volume. Only the shipment of postal standard boxes, we maintain 600000 orders every month on Taobao platform. In fact, due to the closure of many small packaging plants and the reduction of supply, our shipment has increased." Ninghai Youyun packaging plant told the relevant person in charge

the price rise of cartons has eroded the profit space of small and medium-sized e-commerce

compared with plastic bags, cartons have better cushioning and fall resistance, which is "just needed" for many e-commerce enterprises. Therefore, the price rise of cartons directly affects the cost of e-commerce enterprises

"the average monthly order of our store remains at about 8000 orders. An ordinary packaging carton rises by 0.3 yuan, which means that the cost per month for us is about 2500 yuan more. At present, we still choose to absorb this cost ourselves. In the future, for some goods that can use express bags, we will try to reduce the use of cartons as much as possible. If the carton price continues to rise, it may also have an impact on the price of goods." The owner of Taobao, which operates children's beach toys, said

there are also small e-commerce enterprises that have stocked express boxes in advance. Mr. Hu, the person in charge of a creative small household appliance enterprise in Cixi, said, "in response to the price rise, I will choose to stock up on some price nodes. After the end of 'June 18' this year, we contacted the carton factory to produce two common models of cartons for 'double 11' in advance, which is also a helpless move to deal with the possible continuous rise in prices."

the regular model brand enterprises such as Boyang home textile choose to cooperate with mature packaging box suppliers to control the production cost of cartons from the source. "In the past, there was a certain gap or a large space in our packaging. In the future, the packaging will be more rationalized and the model of the box will be reduced." The relevant person in charge said that although the cooperation is mature, this time it has also been affected by the rise in paper prices on corrugated boxes, and taking the initiative to save packaging costs will be the main direction at present

the fierce rise in raw material prices is the main reason.

carton manufacturers told that this round of rise in the price of express cartons is an epitome of the "Butterfly Effect" of the industrial chain caused by the rise in the price of base paper

it is reported that on September 11, Nine Dragons Paper, the largest corrugated box base paper enterprise in China, announced to raise the price of corrugated box base paper, which is the fourth price increase since August. I learned that the price of corrugated base paper has soared by 70% in the past year

according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the market price of corrugated paper in the important means of production in the circulation field has experienced a "roller coaster" change this year when some enterprises imported a large amount of lithium raw ore from Australia and other countries. From January to February, the price of corrugated paper continued the rise of last year and remained at a high level of more than 4000 yuan/ton. A sharp decline began in March, and the price was only 2795 yuan/ton from April 1 to 10. However, in August, the paper price returned to a high of more than 4000 yuan/ton. The latest data shows that from September 1 to 10, the price of corrugated paper reached 4748.3 yuan/ton, the peak since this year

according to the data of Chinese paper, the price of base paper has increased, and many cardboard and carton factories have also adjusted the price one after another. The price of cardboard and carton in China has generally increased by 7% to 30%

according to the analysis of insiders, there are deep-seated reasons for this paper price adjustment. On the one hand, in order to compete for the market, the major domestic paper mills have operated in high debt in recent years. At present, there is a need to obtain profits through price increases and reduce the debt ratio; On the other hand, China mainly relies on imports of waste paper, pulp and other raw materials. Since last year, the depreciation of the RMB has increased the cost of paper mills. In addition, the improvement of environmental protection and logistics standards has also made the paper production industry experience in-depth adjustment

"crazy cartons" triggered a chain reaction, and the rise in carton prices also made express packaging a hot topic. In August last year, the rookie alliance began the recycling of express cartons, which will recycle excess express cartons from consumers for secondary recycling. Previously, rookies have also tried a more environmentally friendly tape free zipper carton. In March this year, also officially launched the carton recycling system, encouraging users to return idle cartons to the delivery staff, and the platform will therefore provide corresponding rewards. They also promoted the use of reusable cartons instead of disposable cartons, and brands' secondary carton recycling, which is said to reduce the use of cartons by more than 100million each year

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