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As double 11 approaches, the waste paper recycling price actually plays a "digital game"

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core tip: as double 11 approaches, the waste paper recycling price plays a "digital game". With the rise of the price of paper, the delivery cycle of cartons has also been extended: it used to be two days before they arrived, but now it takes half a month, and e-commerce enterprises are hoarding and looting. Driven by high costs, the price of base paper has risen from 3200 yuan/ton in December last year to 6600 yuan/ton today. The soaring paper price makes the carton factory lose money

[China Packaging News] as double 11 approaches, the price of waste paper recycling plays a "number game". With the rise of the price of paper, the delivery cycle of cartons has also been extended: it used to be two days before they arrived, but now it takes half a month, and e-commerce enterprises are hoarding and looting. Driven by high costs, the price of base paper has risen from 3200 yuan/ton in December last year to 6600 yuan/ton today. The soaring paper price makes the carton factory lose money

near the "double 11", the waste paper is very popular, and the price also rises.

near the "double 11", the carton price plays a "number game": if you carry the waste carton to the waste station, the price has risen from 0.3 yuan to 2.6 yuan per kilogram

according to the data of China's paper industry, the paper price has increased by more than 100% since 2016, and the peak price has been constantly refreshed

on both sides of Shibei Industrial Road, Dashi sub district office, Panyu District, Guangzhou, there are a large number of waste purchase stations. Mrs. Zhang is a villager of Huijiang village nearby. Her daughter likes to buy at ordinary times, and a batch of waste paper products are gathered at home. On weekdays, these waste paper sheets are waiting for door-to-door collection. Yesterday, she packed and bundled the waste paper sheets and sent them directly to a waste station across the industrial road

after learning the purchase price of the waste station, Mrs. Zhang complained repeatedly that the people who collected the waste at home were "too unkind", "I sold him 30 cents a kilo the day before yesterday, and made so much money in the middle." Originally, the purchase price given by the waste station is 1.6 yuan/kg for colored paper products and 2.6 yuan/kg for non colored paper skins. The boss of the waste station told her that 30 cents was the price for the new year this year

the delivery cycle of cartons continues to extend, accounting for 20.8% of the previous two; Equipment with a journey of more than 1100mm arrived in days, and now it has been half a month

with the rise in the price of paper, a new situation has emerged in front of this waste station. Manufacturers who used to rely on "waste guys" to collect paper, simply drive their own trucks to sell them directly. Dayang saw an electromechanical enterprise at the scene. The trucks coming were all paper sheets packed by upstream suppliers when delivering goods, which were placed intact. The driver of this enterprise said, "if you send it directly, you will save a lot of money for more professional and thoughtful services leading the experimental machine industry. Waste paper is really serious now."

affected by the rise in the price of waste paper sheets, the price of finished cartons also generally rose. Now the double 11 promotion season is approaching, and it is undoubtedly the store sellers who are sensitive to the carton price. Lirendong village in Nancun Town, Panyu was once one of the 20 Taobao villages announced by Alibaba Research Center, and came here yesterday

on the second floor of a farmer's house on Xinxing Avenue in the village, a you, the owner of Taobao, is busy shipping. His Taobao store is very miscellaneous, selling both small household appliances such as electric fans and toys such as remote-control cars. These goods cannot be shipped without paper suitcases. "The smallest paper suitcase I use here has increased from 0.25 yuan to 0.3 yuan each." a you said, "the size of this box No. 5 has increased significantly, from 80 cents to 1.3 yuan each."

in order to welcome the promotion season, a you has stocked a batch of paper suitcases in advance, which can not alleviate his anxiety. "The cost has been paid. Small commodities like ours are large in volume and thin in profit. The cost will be more obvious if they are sold more."

"it's too easy for e-commerce to compare prices. Raising prices easily may have an impact on later operations." A you said that the cost of cartons may have to be borne by yourself, but it still depends on the situation

not everyone can get enough paper suitcases like a youtun. There is a paper suitcase wholesaler downstairs opposite the farmer's house where a you is located. There are not many small cartons here. The shopkeeper told that in the year when the price of cartons continued to rise, the delivery cycle was also increasing. It took half a month to arrive two days ago

in the upstream of carton wholesalers, the prices of raw materials in paper enterprises are also rising. According to the data of China's paper industry, 31 of the 40 paper mills nationwide raised their purchase prices by 20-200 yuan/ton from October 6 to 8. Since 2016, the paper price has increased by more than 100%

Chen Zhu, Secretary General of Guangdong Paper Industry Association, said that this round of base paper price increase is due to the rising costs of various kinds, such as energy, machinery and equipment. In mid August this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released a new version of the catalogue of imported waste management, in which a variety of waste paper and paperboard were included in the list of banned, and one third of the raw materials of Guangdong paper industry came from imported waste paper, which is an important reason for the rise in the domestic recycling price of waste paper

the soaring paper price has made the carton factory suffer losses: the base paper was 3200 yuan/ton in December last year, and now it has risen to 6600 yuan/ton

while in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, the rise of paper price is not optimistic. "The price of raw materials has risen too much. As a packaging enterprise, we can't operate without the price rise of finished products." Tianshui Yulin Packaging Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of cartons, cardboard and paper products. Speaking of the crazy rise in the price of cartons, sunyuxiang, the general manager of the company, also said that he was suffering

"I have been engaged in the carton packaging industry for more than 20 years. Facing the rising trend of raw materials this year, I really feel helpless and helpless. At the end of December last year, the price of each ton of raw material paper was still developing for about 3200 yuan. In less than a year, it has now risen to 6600 yuan/ton. This madness is very rare in the industry." Sunyuxiang said to

sunyuxiang said that now, they are in a dilemma. Some enterprises that supply goods have cooperated for many years, and the price of the previously signed contract has now lost money. Last year, the price of five layers of corrugated paper per square meter was between 4.5 yuan and 5 yuan, and now the lowest price is 7.5 yuan/square meter. If the price is not adjusted, the enterprises simply can't afford it and can only suffer losses

"our enterprises basically sign contracts every quarter. No matter how the price of raw materials changes, the order for three months can't be paid by consumers, but can only be supported. The price of base paper per ton was 4600 yuan in July, rose to 5400 yuan/ton in August, and suddenly rose to 6600 yuan/ton in September." Sunyuxiang told that he had not sent the last notice of price increase to the customers, and a new round of price increase list came again this month

not only did the price rise repeatedly, but the increasingly tight supply of base paper also made the carton packaging industry in Tianshui difficult. "In the past, our inventory was full. Now, due to the shortage of supply, there will be an occasional shortage of goods. Moreover, all raw materials are repeatedly urged to arrive at the shipment three or four days later than before. The price also changes day by day, and the purchase is basically based on looting." Sunyuxiang said that taking silver dove and green source paper as examples, we now have to pay and order a month or two in advance

now, Tianshui's apples have all been listed, and an endless stream of merchants come to book fruit boxes, but packaging enterprises dare not rush to accept orders. Because the price of boxes is high this year, the supply of base paper is tight, and the inventory supply is insufficient. It is not difficult to see that this business, which should have made money, has become a "hot potato"

at the end of the interview, sunyuxiang told that the rise in the purchase price of waste paper has driven the rise in the price of base paper to a certain extent. Nowadays, the packaging industry is living in the gap between the paper industry and the people. Although it has risen and fallen under the market economy, it still hopes to increase the price reasonably

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