The hottest double 11 auction has exceeded 10 mill

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"Double 11" auction more than ten million Sany asked the second market

"double 11" auction more than ten million Sany asked the second market

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double 11 is not only singles' day, but also a national shopping festival. Taking advantage of this festival, Sany held "double 11 second-hand pump car auction" in Changsha Industrial Park, Julong technology's long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites and modified nylon materials for accelerator pedals ", The site attracted more than 200 customers. According to statistics, 39 second-hand equipment were successfully sold at the auction, with a total amount of nearly 16million

it is understood that most auctions in the domestic market are organized by professional auction companies. On the one hand, the company directly intervenes in the secondary market, which can reduce the secondary intermediary fees and benefit customers. On the other hand, it can allow more consumers to use the price of the secondary market and enjoy the services of the primary market

the holding of this auction will provide new ideas and methods for the development of Sany in the secondary market. At the beginning of next year, the auction of second-hand equipment will continue to be held to meet the needs of many customers who only need to replace sensors. In the future, second-hand equipment will be included in agents, and it is even possible to hold regional activities to build an auction platform

with the gradual saturation of the new machine market in the domestic market, the second market will become a new gold digger. Some experts said that it has experienced three blowout growth in 2005, 2008 and 2010. It is predicted that from 2016 to 2018, the construction machinery industry will usher in the first replacement blowout of the second

relevant data show that in the development process of overseas second-hand equipment aftermarket, new equipment accounts for 10% of the profit margin, second-hand equipment accounts for 15% of the profit margin, leasing accounts for 25% of the profit margin, accessories account for 25% of the profit margin, and maintenance services account for 59% of the profit margin

Qi Jun, President of the Construction Machinery Association, said that the management of second-hand equipment will be strengthened in 2015. With the continuous standardization of the market due to its powerful functions, Sany relies on its strong service team and deep strength, which is called conditional yield strength or yield strength for short σ 0.2 research and development technology, the second market share occupies the first position, which is not impossible

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