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The sound insulation of doors and windows includes Sanbao broken bridge aluminum, sound insulation film, sealing strip

the continuous noise in public spaces such as construction sites, roads, squares and so on makes the surrounding residents annoyed, and the sleep and life are seriously affected. To strengthen sound insulation has become an impatient demand of residents. To strengthen sound insulation, the most important premise is to choose sound insulation doors and windows

choose broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows

at present, the relatively popular doors and windows that can uniformly and continuously add sound during the experimental process are broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. This type of doors and windows has strong sound insulation performance, because its profiles have a double-layer structure, which are connected through rubber strips, greatly reducing the level of sound transmission of profiles, so as to achieve a good effect of sound insulation. In addition, the interval between double-layer windows should be 20cm-30cm, so that the sound insulation effect of concrete can be achieved. However, from the perspective of aesthetics, it is better not to make double-layer windows. On the one hand, it is more troublesome to open the windows and clean them, on the other hand, it has a great impact on the overall beauty of the house. The effect of installing soundproof windows is very obvious. Haojue 75 series casement windows under Yidun doors and windows have done a very good job in terms of sound insulation. The bridge cutoff aluminum alloy window is designed and configured with insulating glass, and the EPDM sealing strip is used, which has outstanding environmental protection performance, plus configuration 2. 0mm profile, door and window opening stability is very good. It is a product favored by upper class people who attach importance to energy conservation and environmental protection

you can stick a sound insulation film on doors and windows

many people don't understand why a thin film can play a sound insulation effect. The sound insulation film is a multi-layer structure, using polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer to clamp the sound insulation resin in the middle, so that the particles with heat insulation effect can be evenly distributed. If the sound insulation effect of the window is not good, then paste this kind of sound insulation film on the window glass, then the noise can be well isolated, and this kind of film will not affect the effect of line of sight and light transmittance. At the same time, the price is also very cheap, and it is relatively simple to use. The paste method is the same as the current film

install the sealing strip

of course, this is only for the windows with poor sealing performance of the old doors and windows, because the sealing performance is not 1 Mass of main impact hammer: 150kg (or 100kg). If it is good, the noise is also very obvious. So when the indoor noise is strong, you can check the window and test the drug distribution pressure sealing performance on another station. If there is a problem, you can choose to install the sealing strip. And the price of the sealing strip is very cheap, which is very suitable for ordinary families. When using the sealing strip, check the width of the gap, and then tightly insert the sealing strip into the gap, so that this noise will not be transmitted with the gap

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