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"Double 11" Dulux promotion is accused of the propaganda of temporary insurance products being untrue

"double 11" Dulux promotion is accused of the propaganda of temporary insurance products being untrue

November 27, 2012

[China paint information] according to voice of the economy "Tiantian 315" report, this year's double 11, due to excessive purchase orders, many people's purchased goods were not delivered on time, and consumers seemed to understand that they could receive goods in November, I think it's good luck. Mr. Wang, a consumer in Tianjin, is such a so-called lucky person. Two days ago, he bought five sets of 15 barrels of 5L Dulux paint in the tmall double 11 event. When the goods were delivered to the door, trouble also came

Mr. Wang: this year's double 11 tmall has promotional activities, so I bought Dulux paint. After buying it, I found that the paint was about to expire in less than four days

the anti-counterfeiting label of the paint is different from the description on the station. It does not scratch the coating, nor does it have the anti transfer flower knife anti-counterfeiting function. In addition, the labeling position of Dulux's official flagship store is different from the description on the station. Some of the same products have yellow labels, and some products do not. After finding that there was a problem with the goods, Mr. Wang immediately contacted Dulux and tmall

Mr. Wang: I contacted the customer service staff of tmall. The customer service staff asked me to send all the goods to Shanghai for replacement. I said it's yours. Why should I change it? The customer service staff ignored me. I complained to tmall that tmall had to test and prove, so the heat treatment process has an important impact on the mechanical properties of the alloy. I asked our local quality Evonik's new materials to make this idea possible, but they said that they could only prove whether the product was true or false without the required certificate

in the interview just now, it is the requirement of Dulux flagship store to send Mr. Wang back to Shanghai, while tmall asked Mr. Wang to issue a local quality inspection certificate, which made Mr. Wang very upset

Mr. Wang: up to now, they haven't replied to me. Tmall probably sent me one on Friday, saying that they can't force the merchants to make any commitments. They are communicating with the merchants, but there has been no news until now

: does he admit that there is a problem with the business

Mr. Wang: he said there was a problem seeing the pictures they uploaded, but they couldn't force the merchants. Second, I need to provide an identification certificate from the local quality inspection institution. But he didn't officially call me, just leave me a message in Wangwang

Mr. Wang said that he had never suspected that the 15 barrels of paint he bought were fake products, but he insisted that tmall's promotion was at least suspected of false publicity

Mr. Wang: it is suspected that he is making false publicity, because the picture on the is the one produced in 2012, with the same name and the anti-counterfeiting logo of the paint, but the paint I received was produced in 2011, and the anti-counterfeiting logo is different from the publicity. And doesn't it say that this paint has four functions? But the paint I received said there were only two kinds. I don't doubt whether the paint is real or fake. I personally think it means to use inventory to promote sales. The things sold in the propaganda are different from the things I bought

publicity has four functions, but the goods received have only two functions, and the complimentary small package is about to expire. This series of things is unacceptable to Mr. Wang, let alone understand that up to now, no one has bothered about Dulux flagship store, tmall or Taobao

after receiving Mr. Wang's complaint, he immediately called Dulux Shanghai flagship store, but no one answered. Then he found an office in Taobao headquarters that had called Mr. Wang, and no one answered. Then I found tmall's customer service, which is supposed to be a national after-sales service, and it should be 24-hour service. When I connected, I heard such a voice prompt:

Customer Service: because there was a huge traffic at the station during the double 11 shopping carnival, the transaction was bursting, and whether the transaction order had been shipped. The system has been checking the problem. For example, the goods you purchased were confirmed at 24:00 on November 25 that there is still no logistics record, Tmall will still receive a penalty of 30% of the actual transaction amount of the out of stock goods, up to 500 yuan, in accordance with the provisions of delayed delivery in tmall rules. The penalty will be paid to you in the form of tmall points. It is recommended that you pay attention

after this voice, can tmall's 24-hour service be connected

customer service: tmall service has opened a customer satisfaction evaluation system. You are welcome to evaluate our service after the call. To ensure the quality of service, your call may be recorded. Please understand. I am transferring you to the customer service staff, please wait...

but in the nearly 4 minutes after this recording, I heard a song, which was never connected or the machine could not experiment with it Pass

expert comments

Zhao Zhanzhan, an expert member of the policy and Law Committee of China E-Commerce Association, Bao Hua, a special commentator, and Qi Xiaofang of Chaoyang law firm were guests to express their views and opinions on this matter

Baohua: transactions between individuals in any society need social cost support, such as bank settlement services and logistics services, including the periodic decline in purchasing power caused by many consumers' irrational purchase and consumption, as well as the rapid consumption pull, Some problems in services and products have led to the emergence of a large number of investments in actively promoting visual plastic packaging film litigation, which has more cost advantages than carton packaging, and then affect the psychological fatigue of public consumption. In fact, these contents will more or less affect the market environment and consumer spending power after the double 11, which is actually negative

how to make this market more standardized during purchase? I hope our enterprises, especially e-commerce enterprises, will do more and provide better services. On the other hand, I also hope that some organizations such as consumer associations can play more roles. The cost of safeguarding the rights of a single consumer is indeed high, and the effect of safeguarding the rights through organization may be better

Zhao Zhanzhan: Luo is a new way of shopping, which has developed rapidly in the past two years. It is not only an economic model, but also a new way of consumer experience. As the majority of consumers, we must first have a correct understanding of the network. The network is not only good and cheap, but also has some problems, including delayed delivery, false publicity and out of stock. This is the first point that these problems usually occur during shopping, especially during the promotion period

second, consumers should have a sense of precaution when participating in the purchase. For some behaviors of the business, including advance publicity and advertising, its promises, especially some key promises, should be screenshot in time as evidence. The negotiation in the shopping process, as well as some behaviors, such as the behavior of placing orders, the behavior of payment, and the behavior of delaying delivery, should be subject to some evidence retention, so as to protect rights in the future

Qi Xiaofang: first of all, Mr. Wang should keep the information about transactions with businesses. Second, shoot and save the received products. Third, because there are corresponding advertisements for the products sold on tmall, it is suggested that Mr. Wang keep these advertisements. Because if it constitutes a false advertisement, it must rely on a certain carrier to receive the expected effect, such as text, pictures, etc., which can directly prove the existence of illegal acts of advertisers

I think the publicity of advertising makes Mr. Wang, who is in a weak position, unable to identify the authenticity, so he believes it and makes a wrong judgment, thinking that what he buys is a new product, but what he gives is still a used product. It can be seen that the false publicity of the products by the merchants in the sales process makes Mr. Wang, the consumer, make a wrong expression of intention, which has constituted fraud

as an advertisement publisher who publishes false advertisements, tmall should bear joint and several liabilities if it cannot provide the true information of the advertiser. Dulux flagship store should bear civil liability, because it belongs to the advertiser. If it publishes false advertisements to deceive and mislead consumers, and causes damage to their legitimate rights and interests, the advertiser should bear civil liability

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