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The DOP market is improving slightly. Is there enough PC storage in your library? Hurry up if you want to stock up! Party A's attitude is more cautious

the DOP market reopens after the National Day holiday, and the buyer and the seller are cautious. In the morning of August 8, due to the factory's increase in ex factory prices in Zhangjiagang, most traders closed their offers and did not report them. Later, traders were actively looking for goods and had strong replenishment intention. The self delivery price of replenishment was 10400 yuan (ton price, the same below), but the external quotation was still unclear; The mainstream transaction price in Wenzhou market is 10500 ~ 10550 yuan (delivered), and the market is not very active; The mainstream price in Fujian market is relatively strong, and the transaction price is 10650 ~ 10700 yuan (delivered); The mainstream transaction in Guangdong market is 10650 ~ 10700 yuan (delivered), and the ex factory price of local manufacturers is 10800 yuan (delivered); The great fun project in North China will use patented technology to realize the functionalization of GNP. The mainstream transaction is 10600 yuan, and the factory price is about 10600 yuan; The mainstream transaction price in Shandong market is 10400 ~ 10500 yuan, and the ex factory price of local manufacturers is 10350 ~ 10400 yuan. The surrounding demand has not increased significantly, but the sales situation outside the province is good; The mainstream price in the Northeast market is 10700 yuan, the local market demand is gradually reduced, the peak production season is gradually coming to an end, and the transaction is shrinking compared with the previous period

at present, the southern molding market has improved. Although there are some hype factors, the market resources are also gradually decreasing, so the downward trend of prices in the early stage should be restrained to a certain extent. Recently, some manufacturers, such as digital light processing technology (DLP) and traders, have eased their financial pressure and are unwilling to ship at low prices. The source of low-cost goods in the market has disappeared. Therefore, the market will be stable in the near future and may rise slightly

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