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This year's "double 11" express delivery is speeding up

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this year's "double 11" has a new way to play, and e-commerce platforms have extended the promotion front. The "double 11" pre-sale was launched at the end of October, and the promotion activities were extended from a few days to half a month. Behind the super long "double 11" is not only the competition of e-commerce platforms, but also the competition of express delivery speed. Material reserve, vehicle allocation, personnel supplement... Many express companies have made great efforts to meet the "double 11"

faster -

"order delivery" is efficient

"this is the fastest express delivery since I bought it at a low cost for seven or eight years." Ms. Xue, who lives in Zhengzhou, paid the balance of the "double 11" pre-sale in the early morning of November 1, and received the express delivery 25 minutes later, which surprised her. Compared with previous years, the delivery speed of "double 11" express delivery this year has significantly increased. Many people place orders before going to bed and receive them when they wake up the next day

why is it so fast? Originally, many express companies launched the "pre-sale express" service. Through the pre-sale pre warehouse mode, the pre-sale goods that have paid the deposit are sent to the express site and community closest to the buyer in advance. After the buyer pays the balance, they can be delivered nearby and delivered quickly. In addition, there is a faster "minute to minute", the express company delivers the pre-sale goods to the express cabinet in advance, and the buyer will receive the verification code after paying the final payment, and you can pick up the pieces immediately with the code

in this regard, Liu Dacheng, vice president of the Institute of Internet industry and director of the logistics industry research center of Tsinghua University, said: "this is actually in the form of arranging storage in advance instead of transportation, which realizes the optimal allocation of resources in all links of logistics. The pre-sale system can also guide distribution through big data analysis, so that supply and demand can be more accurately matched, which can effectively reduce costs and improve efficiency."

pan Helin, executive dean of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of economics and law, said in an interview that preemptive shopping diverted "double 11" shopping, which greatly eased the logistics pressure. At the same time, adopting the prepayment mode can give express sufficient preparation time, which is equivalent to the layout of goods according to the purchase and sale situation in advance, so that consumers can enjoy the good experience of delivery when placing an order

the relevant person in charge of the State Post Bureau recently said that the peak season of express business this year ranges from early November to the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021 (February 12), with a total of 103 days. During the "double 11" period, there will be a peak express delivery season, and the mail (express) business volume handled by the whole industry will reach 5.78 billion pieces. It is estimated that the average daily express business volume will reach 490 million pieces, about twice the daily business volume

in the face of such a huge amount of express delivery, how should express delivery enterprises ensure efficient delivery and distribution if they can't measure it? It is reported that the national express delivery enterprises have added 490000 temporary workers, together with 1 cardboard, 100000 cars and 5.39 million square meters of processing space, so as to increase the transportation capacity reserve. The railway department has also strengthened its cooperation with e-commerce and express delivery enterprises. For the first time, the "Fuxing" EMU is used as a whole train for express shipment. In order to meet the needs of the logistics market, the railway department has extended the transportation period of e-commerce golden week from 10 days in previous years to 20 days, and launched services such as "high speed rail express", covering more than 80 large and medium-sized cities across the country. "This means that China's express delivery industry is more mature and its operation management is more scientific." Pan Helin said

smarter -

intelligent equipment is widely used

express delivery enterprises can cope with the rapid growth of the number of packages, and the popularization and application of electronic face orders has played a key role. "In the past, our postal express delivery orders were handwritten, but now they are basically unnecessary. They are all electronic, accounting for almost 99% or more. Through this, first, it is environmental protection, and second, the operation efficiency has been significantly improved. In the past, it took us about 10 minutes to process a express delivery order alone, but now it takes less than 2 minutes to process a single one. Calculated by processing 80billion express deliveries a year, this can save a lot of money for the society every year Source. " Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, said

with the application of big data, artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other technologies, express delivery is becoming more and more "technological". Intelligent equipment such as sorting robots and big data AI scheduling are widely used, which greatly improves the sorting efficiency. It is reported that in the past five years, China has added 313 hubs equipped with fully automatic sorting equipment, effectively improving the overall automation level of express delivery. Lu Benfu, a professor at the school of economics and management of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that from electric vehicles to unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned vehicles, the means of delivery of logistics are becoming more and more advanced. In addition, with the enrichment of big data, the scheduling system of express delivery is becoming more and more modern, which has become the main direction of scientific and technological progress in the logistics industry. In Lu Benfu's view, timeliness is the core competitiveness of express companies. In addition, the richer the express category, the stronger the competitiveness

in recent years, the comprehensive strength of China's express delivery enterprises has increased significantly. It is reported that seven express delivery enterprises have been listed, of which three brand express delivery enterprises have exceeded 100 billion in business revenue this year. Pan Helin said that the overall development of the express industry comes from the power of technology behind it. There are many typical technology enabling scenarios in warehouse management. For example, many large express warehouses in China are highly mechanized, and cameras collect all data in the station. Then enterprises use big data analysis to assist in sorting

"at present, the express industry needs to gradually move from scale driven to technology driven. The future competition is service-oriented competition, which is no longer as simple as delivering goods to destinations." Pan Helin said that the application of science and technology in the express industry has moved forward from simple one-way equipment intelligence, and now it is time to start its IOT road. To build core competitiveness, biodegradable high molecular materials and instruments do not exist. These shortcomings cannot be separated from the power of science and technology. Express companies should better play the enabling role of science and technology and ensure their own high-quality services, which requires express companies to have not only excellent technicians, but also professional service personnel. For example, SF is favored, mainly due to its unique transportation system and user reputation accumulated over the years

more environmentally friendly -

express packaging is "green"

"an express delivery has to have a carton or plastic bag, a plastic bag inside. If it is fragile, there is also a large amount of bubble filling material, wrapped with several circles of tape." Wang Minjun, who lives in Urumqi, has been engaged in e-commerce for many years. She has to disassemble and disassemble many express deliveries every day. "Try to reuse them as much as possible, but there is still a lot of express waste."

with the rapid development of the express industry, the use of express packages has increased synchronously. According to the estimates of relevant departments, China's express delivery industry consumes more than 9million tons of paper waste and about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste every year, with a rapid growth trend. The impact of packaging waste on the environment cannot be ignored. How to reduce express waste has also become a concern of the "double 11" industry this year

the State Post Bureau has issued the "key points of industrial ecological environment protection in 2020", and proposed the "9792" project for express packaging, that is, the packaging proportion of "slimming tape" is 90%, the secondary packaging rate of e-commerce express is 70%, the utilization rate of recycling transfer bags is 90%, and 20000 new postal express points with standard packaging waste recycling devices are added

"the greening of express packaging must be put on the agenda!" Lu Benfu believes that we should think about how to realize the reuse of packaging materials and improve the reuse rate of express packaging. If packaging materials cannot be reused again, we should adopt harmless treatment for degradation, "the reuse of packaging and the greening of materials will be the main direction for the logistics industry to achieve environmental protection upgrading."

"green application of express packaging requires joint efforts." Bian Zuodong, deputy director of the market supervision department of the state post administration, said that the sender should work with the delivery enterprises to implement the overall requirements of greening, reduction and recycling. He also hoped that the majority of users would support the green recycling and reuse of express packaging, so as to make the best use of everything and turn environmental packaging around

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