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Double 2.5D glass design with high appearance 360 was exposed in advance

yesterday, a big V tweeted and exposed the 360 new machine. The previously rumored spy photo of iPhone se2 was proved that it can measure steps, track heat consumption, and create interactive training fake. In fact, it is a new 360 product with a new double glass body design. At the same time, the big V also released several photos of the real machine, attracting many users. From the photos, the new machine adopts a double-sided glass design with excellent texture, which looks pretty good. No wonder it will be mistaken for the new generation iPhone

the release of several real machine pictures further confirms the authenticity of this disclosure. What's surprising is that the appearance of the new phone is quite good, not inferior to that of the iPhone. Round 2 is adopted. The 5D glass body, supplemented by a vertical camera and a rear fingerprint identification module, has a stronger sense of integration and greatly improved texture. It was because the back of the 360 new product showed excellent texture that people once mistakenly thought it was Apple's upcoming new machine

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at present, manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the appearance of products and paying more attention to the body material. In the Android camp, double 2. The body design of 5D glass is gradually becoming popular, including Huawei P10, Xiaomi 6, etc. the excellent appearance has won a lot of praise. Samsung S8 gives full play to the hyperboloid glass body, and the high screen proportion design brings a shocking impression. Both the hand feel and appearance of double-sided glass are improved compared with that of metal. Crystal clear, smooth streamline song, the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises are mainly made in China, giving people a beautiful enjoyment, which is deeply loved by players

therefore, 360 adds double 2. 5D glass design is not surprising, and it is also good news for users who love 360. On May 11, 360 also signed a cooperation agreement with, setting a goal of selling 3million N-series units. It seems that both sides have high expectations for this cooperation. In addition, Li Kaixin, President of 360, revealed that new products will be introduced to you in the near future, and more detailed information will be announced on May 15

it is reported that the new 360 product will also be equipped with a 6+64g high-capacity storage scheme. In addition, this breakthrough in appearance value. The main methods of dehydration are sieve dehydration and centrifugal filtration dehydration. The sales volume of 3million units is just around the corner. It seems that in addition to making a breakthrough in appearance, the upcoming new products of 360 may also usher in a comprehensive upgrade in configuration

nowadays, homogenization is serious. The adoption of new materials and new designs and the differentiation of appearance have gradually become a magic weapon for manufacturers to break through. Whether it is all metal design, ceramic body, four curved glass or double 2. 5D curved glass fuselage is the performance of various manufacturers' efforts to innovate in appearance, only to surprise consumers. We may as well wait and see how 360 will make double-sided glass brilliant this time

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