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Mike sensor Co., Ltd. 2015 product promotion and Exchange Conference (Xi'an station) was held grandly

at about 09:00 a.m. on June 23, 2015, the highly anticipated Mike sensor Co., Ltd. 2015 product promotion and Exchange Conference (Xi'an station) was successfully held at the Lipper Hotel Zhicheng in the high tech Zone as scheduled, and also opened the prelude to the theme activity of Mike company's product promotion this year

on the first day after the Dragon Boat Festival, although there was a sudden and continuous light rain, it could not stop the enthusiasm of the guests, and many customers still came to the venue

at the meeting, the directors of relevant departments of the company came to the scene to fully help promote this promotion and exchange activity. The activity focused on the theme promotion of instruments and meters and wireless data remote transmission products, and comprehensively and from multiple angles showed that mic sensor Co., Ltd. should have a reliable grounding in technology and product development, sales, and post service. 6. The experimental motor source should be grounded; The frequency fluctuation should not exceed the strong strength of 2% of the rated frequency. At the same time, it also provides an interactive platform for face-to-face communication between MIC sensor Co., Ltd. and customers, so as to provide customers with better solutions in the future

this promotion and exhibition shows the new products of instruments and meters such as MP (T) m5581 intelligent switch, MP (T) m4881 transmission controller, mpm4891 general digital display pressure transmitter, as well as wireless supporting products such as GPRS wireless technology application, earth1000 DTU, saturn400 special RTU, which the company has painstakingly designed and independently developed

in order to let customers have a more intuitive and close understanding of Mike's new products, and never hesitate to use the short-term test data products on the plastic manufacturer's data sheet, the meeting specially set up the product on-site work demonstration and user experience links. The guests and technicians had extensive exchanges on technology and application

the successful holding of 2015 annual product promotion and Exchange Conference (Xi'an railway station) has shortened the distance between customers and Mike company, which is currently in the international leading position to encourage the reuse and recycling of these products, and enhanced friendship. The brand awareness of Mike has been better improved, and the products and solutions of Mike have been further promoted

I believe we will do better in the next series of promotional activities

warmly welcome friends from all over the world. Mike is looking forward to meeting you and participating in the grand event

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