2015 China government cloud practice Summit

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Zhengtong Yunhe "number" said that the 2015 China government cloud practice summit

☆ 1400 participants

nearly 1000 seats were full in the main venue, nearly 300 seats were full in the live sub venue, and more than 100 spectators stood behind the venue, and the tightness of the screws in the fixture should also be regularly checked and listened to

☆ 10 speakers. It is a big expert of the National Information Center, excellent government cloud practitioners in Shanghai, Jiujiang, Zhoushan and Xianyang, and leaders of Tencent and H3C communication enterprises gathered together to cook a gluttonous feast of government cloud

☆ 1108 enterprise visits

after the meeting, the guests were very interested in the three government affairs cloud program in China, and made an appointment to visit the three communication innovation experience center, setting a record for the number of visitors in 2015. In the cold winter, there is always a kind of heat and warmth in the crowded crowd

☆ 3000 volumes of materials

the 2016 edition of the special issue of the government industry of H3C communications, "Zhengtong Yunhe", made its debut at the summit. It included 48 practical cases of government cloud, which were loved by guests. Less than a week after the end of the conference, commonly known as wire rod, 3000 inventory materials were emptied by local offices. It is believed that customers across the country will soon see this reference material

☆ 5-heart government cloud

H3C proposed a 5-heart government cloud scheme, which won the attention of guests: rest assured, this is a safe cloud; Ingenuity, this is an inclusive cloud; Worry free, this is a cloud easy to operate and maintain; Zhixin, this is a cloud that can be customized on demand; Carefully these parameters can not be filled in for you, this is a cloud that has been tested by practice

☆ 4.7 points evaluation

this summit specially set up a guest scoring link, with a full score of 5 points. 85.71% of the customers participating in the survey gave a full score evaluation, and the final average score was 4.7 points. One of the dissatisfied opinions is: too crowded! Although it was crowded, the guests participated in the meeting with great enthusiasm, which greatly moved the conference affairs group

☆ 14 guest messages

talented poems, Frank temperament, positive encouragement, suggestions and encouragement, we feel the true feelings of customers' three love for China, and we also feel the general meaning of government informatization workers

we have been working hard for political communication and cloud cooperation

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