100 billion level lighting market behind the hotte

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The 100 billion level lighting market behind the night tour

this newspaper Gao Jianghong intern Zhou Fengming reports from Beijing


the application of high and new technology makes light, scenery and people integrated, which is no longer a simple sightseeing, but an immersive experience. Diversified scenes and multi sensory stimulation provide more possibilities for night travel. However, Xie Weigang pointed out that how to control light pollution is also a problem that all practitioners need to think about

the first condition of night tour is to make the night light up. "A beautiful night tour light in a region will indeed boost the whole local GDP." Xie Weigang, President of China construction lighting design institute

"lighting is of great significance in driving the industry of the whole city. The total output value of the lighting industry is close to 600 billion, and the employment material is rigid solid, with a population of more than 10 million." Yu feiye, vice president of Shenzhen mingjiahui Technology Co., Ltd "In neonatal care, it is pointed out that this year's 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and some international large-scale conference activities will drive the lighting economy of the whole city.

what is more worth mentioning is that the application of high-tech makes light, scenery and people integrated, which is no longer a simple observation of light, but an immersive experience. Diversified scenes and multi sensory stimulation provide more possibilities for night travel. But Xie Weigang pointed out how to control light Pollution is also a problem that all employees need to think about

100 billion market

according to the research data of the LED Institute of high industry research (GGII), benefiting from the policy promotion support of various countries or regions around the world, the scale of the landscape lighting market continues to increase. In 2019, the global landscape lighting market will reach 275 billion yuan, of which the Chinese market size will reach 68 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 22%. China has become the largest landscape lighting market in the world. The industry scale is expected to reach nearly 100billion yuan in 2020

Yu Fei revealed that the explosion period of the entire lighting industry began three years ago. Before the Xiamen BRICs summit, 20 million to 80 million yuan was a relatively large list for the lighting engineering industry. But at the Xiamen BRICs summit, Xiamen took out 3 billion yuan to improve the urban landscape road. Then, driven by the G20 in Hangzhou, the Shanghai Cooperation summit in Qingdao, the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in Shenzhen, and a series of major activities of the China International Expo in Shanghai, local governments have invested heavily to improve the overall landscape of the whole city

government investment has also brought considerable economic benefits. During the Shanghai Cooperation summit, Qingdao received 4.0944 million tourists, an increase of 35.8% year-on-year. "The improvement of the economic value of the whole city by lighting is very intuitive." In the three years from 2018 to 2020, major cities also have many large-scale activities, such as the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Boao Forum for Asia, the 18th SCO conference, the China international raw materials Expo, the World Horticultural Expo The 2019 Wuhan world military games and the anniversaries of some cities Jinan gold test spring tension and compression testing machine can be divided into manual spring tension and compression testing machine, automatic spring tension and compression testing machine and microcomputer controlled spring tension and compression testing machine activities according to its operation mode, which will provide a catalyst for the sustainable development of landscape lighting

in addition to the driving role of major activities, urbanization has also promoted the rapid development of the landscape lighting market

over the past decade, China's urbanization rate has increased from 45.89% in 2007 to 57.35% in 2016. According to the national new urbanization plan, the urbanization rate will reach 60% in 2020, and urban construction will continue to maintain a rapid growth rate in the future. In the process of urbanization construction in China, emerging development zones are an indispensable part of urban planning, and landscape lighting is an important part of shaping the image of the new area. The improvement of urbanization rate and the implementation of urban new area planning have further opened up market space for landscape lighting. So far, the State Council has approved a total of 19 national new areas. By the end of 2019, at least nine new urban areas have proposed to build national new areas. It is expected that the construction of new urban areas in China will continue to grow at a high speed in the future, and the supporting landscape lighting projects will also develop rapidly

technical assistance

"the night tour economy is not just a lighting economy, nor a simple urban lighting project, or some lighting devices, which can completely drive the development of night tour projects." Caoxiaoning, general manager of Beijing Tianchuang international entertainment production and exchange company of China Tourism Group, pointed out that "night tour economy" is the product of the economic development of the destination and a new consumption form of the integration of culture and tourism. From the bustling of a scenic spot to the rise of a series of consumption of tourism, culture, catering, shopping and so on in the whole city at night, "night travel economy" needs to be carefully designed by the planners, and gradually switch from the simple mode of ticket collection and sale to the comprehensive upgrading mode of related consumption driven by festival brands

nowadays, innovative products with cultural creativity as the core have promoted the technological progress and cross-border integration of lighting, dance beauty, stage machinery, communication and other industries. In particular, scenic spots that are used both during the day and at night, such as Huaqing pool, should be opened as scenic spots during the day. At night, through a short period of preparation, a live theater will be displayed in front of tourists. Mechanical "hiding" without wearing, Kung Fu is not shallow, and technological innovation around artistic innovation makes the whole drama full of vitality

whether it's the commercial street at night, the lighting show in the Forbidden City in Beijing or the performance of impression series, the lighting of these night tourism products cannot be built without the development of sound, light and electricity technology. Technological innovation has been serving the content all the time. The application of some new technologies has brought many new changes to the form of light and shadow, making night tourism products more and more abundant

in 2018, Qingdao held the first naked eye 3D projection show in the West Coast ecological tourism park. Chenyunfeng, general manager of Qingdao west coast development tourism investment and Development Group Co., Ltd., said that the projection show was carefully created by a first-class creative team in Shanghai, tailored to the architectural shape of the brick kiln themed bar. It mainly shows the butterfly transformation of Qingdao from a small fishing village to a metropolis, and finally settled in the West Coast ecological sightseeing park

the north square of Xi'an wild goose pagoda staged the water dance light and shadow show of "pilot · new era" in 2018, which is composed of a three-dimensional light array composed of 2100 light columns and 62 ultra-high definition projectors. Through the interlaced cooperation of sound, light and image, the whole wild goose pagoda is hidden behind the light curtain, creating a beautiful 3D structure projection show

Yu Fei said that naked eye 3D, projection, water curtain holographic projection and ground lighting interactive technology lead the whole industry and promote technological innovation, which will bring many new changes to the expression form of the whole light and shadow, especially the light can be more interactive and participatory with people

the application of high and new technology in the destination integrates light, scenery and people. It is no longer a simple sightseeing, but an immersive experience. It not only reflects the tonality of the scenic spot, but also allows tourists to get a beautiful experience. Diversified scenes and multi sensory stimulation provide more possibilities for night travel

Cao Xiaoning believes that it can be predicted that in the future, under the framework of smart city, night science and technology will be more closely integrated with night tourism economy, such as the combination of 5g micro base station and smart street lights and the segmented playing of cruise music

"the development of night tour products helps to solve the problem of 'difficulty in staying guests', but the development of landscape lighting should pay attention to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature." Lin Zhanglin, President of Jingyu culture and Tourism Industry Research Institute, pointed out that it is necessary to avoid the interference of strong lights at night on animals and deprive animals of night time. At the same time, urban landscape lighting also needs to carry out humanized design for human activities, and adopt different lighting methods for different environments and lighting requirements to ensure harmony, security and accessibility

Xie Weigang also pointed out that the implementation of lighting engineering needs to think clearly about some plans, requirements and standards in advance. General operation can cause light pollution with advanced chip integration technology. How to control light pollution is a problem that all practitioners should consider. He believes that it is urgent to put forward relevant standards at the national level to orderly promote the economic development of night tourism and related products

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