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Comments on the market situation of second-hand construction machinery and equipment in China at present, the market demand for second-hand construction machinery and equipment in China is increasing day by day, and the number of imported equipment is considerable every year. However, the second-hand equipment import market is still immature, and there are prominent problems. This article mainly summarizes and summarizes the new situation reflected in the market recently, so that the majority of friends in the industry can learn from it and use it for reference

outstanding problem 1: know the import operation process of second-hand equipment, but do not pay attention to the details. This situation is mainly reflected in the customs brokers and some import and export agent companies within foreign-funded enterprises. Before, my colleagues and I visited a famous state-owned enterprise in Shenzhen. It was the Minister of the Logistics Department of this enterprise who received us. From his talk, we can feel that he has more than ten years of experience in import and export logistics, but he lacks practical operation experience in the import of second-hand equipment. As a result, the logistics minister almost lost his job due to small problems such as the "IPPC" logo, so we can only do it later, Please help us deal with the import operation of the following batches of second-hand equipment. This problem also exists in the fact that a large number of photons with momentum shine on the object, and the light pressure generated on the object will make the object move

outstanding problem 2: blindly pursuing low prices violates the basic principle of legal procedures. This view mainly exists in freight forwarders, especially friends who do export business. Recently, I met several freight forwarders who do export. They only know one thing about the import procedures and processes of second-hand equipment, but don't understand the other. They are used to applying the import process of second-hand equipment with the thinking of export, completely ignoring the import documents, and only pursuing the lowest import price. Whoever has a low price, they will find someone, and they don't care whether the operation is legal or not

highlight the third key point: deliver the goods to the import and export company, ignore everything else, and infinitely enlarge the rights and responsibilities of the import agency company. This kind of early-stage investment is relatively small, but the guests have the most profound memory once or twice. This guest is a colleague from Ningbo, and it belongs to the remote receiving and delivery, which is operated by our agent. After the contract is signed and the goods are delivered to our company, there is no other information, just provide us with an address to sell relevant models of equipment. The agency company is not omnipotent. It is not a company engaged in equipment. It does not understand your equipment itself. However, in the end, through the experience of our company and the concerted efforts of our staff, we helped our customers bring in this batch of equipment

outstanding problem 4: one-sided pursuit of scale, completely ignoring experience and strength. Many business friends had no experience in importing second-hand equipment for the first time. When looking for an import and export agency, they only paid attention to the scale, not the experience and strength, did not conduct on-site investigation on the import agency, and did not inquire about the reputation of the agency. As a result, they suffered a lot of losses, and finally they could only eat Coptis. Here is a little advice for our customers. If you have imported second-hand equipment and want to find an import agency, you can first invite the staff of this agency to your company for an interview. After a preliminary exchange, you can go to this agency in person. Evonik will enter the display market to make a practical investigation. Here is one thing: character is very important. What we need is an agent company with practical experience, which can effectively solve the import business of second-hand equipment

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