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On October 9, Zhejiang Plastic City market comments

at the close of the market today, the China Plastics spot warehouse receipt composite index was 1065.87 points, up 0.87 points from the closing of the previous trading day; The ABS index is 10, and the clamping force increases by 90.40 points and 3.01 points; LLDPE index was 1047.79 points, up 1.19 points; PP index was 1059.65 points, up 0.48 points. Today's total trading volume was 4970 tons, shrinking compared with yesterday; The total order volume was 22265 tons, setting a record again

ll0511, the main linear warehouse receipt, opened at a low price of 10510 and rebounded to 10580 at one time. Then it fluctuated slightly around 10565, and the end market closed slightly higher than 10570. On the whole, the difference between the highest and lowest was only 70 yuan, and the amplitude was less than 20 yuan most of the time. From the K-line, there is a small positive line with an upper shadow line. The 5-day moving average and the 10 day moving average almost coincide, and the 5-day moving average does not see a rising trend. The order volume and trading volume have withered. Only in this way, the enthusiasm of trading seems to have declined. On the 30 minute and 90 minute trend charts, the technical indicators are not clear and consistent, and basically no clear up and down signals are given. Overall, the overall trend of weak rebound or shock consolidation is likely to be larger

PP's main pp0512 warehouse receipts also opened low and went flat. The price trend is similar to ll0511, but its amplitude is smaller, and the difference between the highest and lowest price is only 45 yuan. On the K line, it also received a small positive line with a short upper shadow line. However, the difference is that the distance between the 5-day moving average and the 10 day moving average, the 10 day moving average and the 20 day moving average is far. Although the trading volume has also decreased, the order volume is still rising steadily. On the 30 minute and 90 minute trend charts, the technical indicators did not give a clear rise or fall signal, and tended to stabilize the price. Overall, the overall trend is mainly stable

international crude oil futures were closed today, with no oil price. Both monomer and spot are calm, and there is basically no rise or fall. Petrochemical manufacturers have no large-scale price adjustment, such as the copper joints of many pipelines before. The overall market transaction is flat and has little tendency. On the market, the warehouse receipts also began to stabilize after the sharp decline on the first day after the festival. The price fluctuation in the transaction was small. At the end of the market, the settlement price of most warehouse receipts rose slightly, and the sign of continued decline was not obvious. On the market, with the trading volume reduced by nearly 2000 tons, the order volume once again set a record. The above situation shows that after the sharp decline on the first day after the holiday, the price temporarily reached a small balance in the minds of both long and short sides, and the trading of both sides began to be cautious, but contradictions and differences still exist. It is estimated that this has something to do with the relatively weak fundamentals today. It is expected that when various fundamentals begin to become active on Monday, the trend may break the current impasse in the life cycle of PLA materials, as shown in Figure 1. (personal view, for reference only. Based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

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