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He Wanke Electronics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. successfully revised the version of the station

Wanke Electronics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. successfully completed the revision of the station with oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant effects in September 2008. After the revision, the layout of the station is simple and novel, and the layout is decorated with color bars with two standard colors (green and blue) of Wago, which is quite atmospheric. The layout of the new station is more humanized. The columns are placed clearly. It is convenient to browse and query. It should be equipped with an online outer diameter detector. Due to the increasing variety and quantity of Wago products, this revision will launch new products that are not available on the original station, making the product introduction more comprehensive and convenient for users to understand. Not only products, application cases, companies and other contents, but also polymers that can withstand these [higher] temperatures have been improved and enriched accordingly. In addition, customers can browse or subscribe to product samples, newspapers and periodicals on our website

the purpose of this revision of Wago station is to better serve our new and old customers, so that more people who need and want to know Wago can have the most comprehensive understanding of Wago company and Wago products in the shortest time. We are always welcome to log in to our website to experience and put forward your opinions and suggestions, "said Wang Yuanbing, general manager of jiayitong company!"

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