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On September 6, Zhejiang Plastic City market comments

when the market closed, the China Plastics spot warehouse receipt composite index was 1093.39 points, down 0.41 points from the closing of the previous trading day; The ABS index was 1093.62 points, up 2.29 points; LLDPE index was 1068.10 points, down 1.22 points; The PP index was 1100.46 points, up 0.09 points

the continued sharp decline in crude oil prices undoubtedly affected the strength and psychology of both long and short sides. Although the confidence of many parties was hit, many parties were far from collapse; At the same time, although the air side has been continuously strengthened, it is still not strong enough to be familiar with Chinese history and culture to control prices. In the confrontation between long and short, the price of warehouse receipts oscillated and showed a trend of rising and falling again. The total turnover of each warehouse receipt was 5190 tons, an increase from the previous trading day; The total order was 19890 tons, an increase over the previous trading day, and the order volume broke the historical record on the market for the fourth consecutive trading day

the main linear ll0511 warehouse orders opened flat and went high. Due to the equal strength of many short parties, the price oscillated and sorted out only in the narrow area of 35 points, and finally closed out the small negative line with the shadow line, but the current trend belongs to the consolidation state. The trading volume and order volume have increased compared with the previous trading day, indicating that many parties believe that the decline in oil price is only a temporary decline, while the short side believes that the decline in oil price is the beginning of the reversal, and the double volume actually does not give a rise or fall signal. On the 15, 30 and 90 minute trend chart, the 15, 30 and 90 minute technical indicators tend to lower prices. K-line trend, yin-yang line shape, technical indicators and dual volume synthesis tend to lower prices

the difference between pp0510 warehouse receipt and ll0511 is that pp0510 closed out the small positive line, and the K-line trend, yin-yang line shape, technical indicators and dual volume did not give a clear rise or fall signal

the focus of long and short is always the trend of oil price. Now make a rough judgment on the trend of oil price

there are various signs that Hurricane Katrina has brought great lethality to the U.S. economy. People are increasingly finding that the power of Katrina is greatly underestimated. The latest data shows that the death stiffness of this hurricane is usually higher than 2000kn/mm; The number of missing people may eventually reach thousands, and the number of missing people has exceeded 20000, and the loss to the U.S. economy may even be as high as $100billion. It is almost certain that the U.S. economy will slow down for a period of time and the whole year. With the release of various statistics and forecasts, Katrina's sudden visit has changed the current economic keyword from "curbing inflation" to "sustained growth"

What does the change of keywords mean. The U.S. economy has maintained a high growth rate, which can offset the negative impact of high oil prices. High oil prices can not only reduce the growth rate to a certain extent, but also achieve the political purpose of curbing China's development, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. But Katrina changed everything. It brought the vigorous development momentum of the United States to a sudden halt. Although Katrina's name is as touching as an angel, it brings an unforgettable nightmare. It has forced a considerable part of oil and natural gas production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, the main oil producing region of the United States, to shut down, putting great pressure on the oil supply in the United States and even the world. International oil prices have frequently broken records, and gasoline and other refined oil prices around the world have also been rising. The hurricane made the market worried about oil supply, and the sharp rise in oil prices would have a negative impact on the U.S. economy

the US economy is no longer able or unwilling to bear the negative impact of high oil prices. George W. Bush must urgently consult with his advisers on countermeasures. The priorities of the U.S. government will certainly change, one of which should be to suppress oil prices. Think about the two Gulf Wars launched by the United States for only one purpose, that is, to worry about the impact of oil supply on the economy, and now there may be another "Gulf War" without gunsmoke. As long as it threatens the national interests or economic development of the United States, the U.S. government will use the national machine to launch war. There is no need for us to doubt this, let alone the ambitions of the Bush and his son, who have fought two high-tech wars. Next, George W. Bush may fight a price rise and another financial war with the same modernization. (Jinyu)

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