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On August 18, Zhejiang Plastic City market comments

trend summary: the price of international crude oil futures fell continuously, especially in the early morning of this morning, which completely shook the morale of many parties in the market, while the short side took advantage of the situation to launch a sweeping counterattack. Each warehouse jumped down and opened low. During the trading process, the short side's profit taking made the price rebound slightly, but the decline continued until the end of the market, and all warehouse receipts closed at the limit. At the close of trading, the composite index of China Plastics' spot warehouse receipts was 1073.04 points, down 17.92 points; AB cast iron specimen finally showed a slight deformation, and the s index was 1054.58 points, down 14.05 points; LLDPE index was 1057.76 points, down 17.52 points; PP index was 1075.14 points, down 18.27 points. The trading volume and order volume are as follows (among which the trading volume has set a historical record):

total amount




trading volume (tons)




the oil pump is a direct rotating axial 5-column pump 66, you can feel how popular automotive plastics represented by polyamide are. 70

order volume (tons)





crude oil: as of the early morning of August 18, Beijing time, the September futures of West Texas light crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange were reported at $63.25/barrel, down $2.83 from the previous trading day; London International Petroleum Exchange Brent crude oil futures for September reported $62.56/barrel, down $2.85

spot: the spot price of plastic continues to rise, and the changes of some brands in Yuyao China plastic city are as follows: ① ABS price: LG Yongxing 121h, Taiwan chemical 15a1 and South Korea lghi121h rose 100 points; ② LLDPE price: Zhongyuan Petrochemical 7050 liters 150 points; ③ PP price: Yangzi Petrochemical F401 and Panjin Ethylene F401 fell 50 points

Technology: pp0509, the main warehouse receipt in the upper market, jumped down and opened at the limit price. Although many parties tried to change, market sentiment has changed from more to less. Many parties are unable to reverse the passive situation. Although the price rebounded slightly, it can be quickly suppressed by the short party. The final price broke through the 5-day and 10 day moving average in a row, and the 5-day moving average turned downward, and the typical rising pattern was completely disappeared. It can be clearly seen from the trend chart that the insurmountable resistance line or resistance area of the warehouse receipt has been formed this week, and the price has been blocked on the resistance line continuously and fell sharply, that is to say, this resistance line or resistance area is likely to be the highest point of the warehouse receipt

walk 3 minutes in 15, 30 and 90 minutes? On the special activity chart of product quality supervision and testing, the technical indicators are relatively consistent, and the price may continue to fall. K-line trend, yin-yang line shape, trading volume and technical indicators tend to lower prices. However, the order volume suddenly fell today from 5820 tons yesterday to 4345 tons, a decrease of more than 25%. This mainly shows that some short sellers have closed their positions and left the market. The decrease in order volume means that the market expresses doubts about the continued decline of prices, that is, the degree of market bearishness is greatly reduced. Anyway, it may be too early to think that the trend will reverse

the performance of ll0511 warehouse receipt, the main linear warehouse receipt, is the same as that of pp0509, except that ll0511 tends to lower the price

although the plastic spot market mainly showed an increase, the range of increase decreased, and some brands fell. The demand of downstream factories has not changed. Most transactions occur among dealers, with obvious hype factors and artificially high prices. (Jinyu)

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