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Comments on the weekly offer of foreign PE

the proportion in the United States is extremely low, and most of the trading houses maintain the offer of last week or do not offer at all. In the past week, importers have not been active in counter-offer and placing orders. On the one hand, the overall surplus volume of foreign manufacturers in February is not much, while the large offer in March will probably wait until after the Spring Festival; On the other hand, importers are not interested in the current high price offer. With the Spring Festival approaching, most people are still uncertain about the market trend after the Spring Festival

two or three weeks ago, when LDPE was in US dollars, LLDPE and HDPE wire drawing, hollow and injection molding grades were in US dollars, there were large orders of transactions. In this batch of goods, the import cost price of LDPE should be about 5800 yuan, and the import cost price of LLDPE and HDPE should be about 5350 yuan. This is an enviable low price for the current market. In the second half of February, these orders arrived one after another. Due to the relatively low cost, it is not ruled out that some shippers make profits and cash out, which will have an impact on the subsequent high-priced orders. We will use our future actions to repay you. We hope that people from all walks of life and users from all walks of life can supervise and give advice

some reference offers:

ldpefb USD

LLDPE fv149m520 USD

hdpe0400 USD

hdpee308505 USD

HDPE wire drawing grade (India) 485 USD, 90 day letter of credit

hdpe8800 USD

pph730f, h360f520 USD

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