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On October 27, Zhejiang Plastic City market comments

at the close of the market today, the China Plastics spot warehouse receipt composite index was 1017.02 points, down 5% from the closing of the previous trading day twelve p.m. The ABS index was 1049.99 points, down 5.75 points; LLDPE index is 1010 Using the group to establish five technology exchange platforms, 66 points, down 6.24 points; The PP index was 1002.51, down 4.09 points. Today's total trading volume was 7840 tons, nearly 4000 tons less than the previous trading day; The total order volume was 24235 tons, an increase over the previous trading day, hitting a new high again

the linear main warehouse receipt ll0601 opened low, went flat and fluctuated upward, closing at 10170, down 35 points from the previous trading day, and the trading volume and order volume were reduced from yesterday. On the K-line chart, close at a negative line with a short shadow line of the entity, and from top to bottom are the 20 day, 10 day, 5 day moving average and daily moving average extending downward. On the 15 minute and 30 minute trend charts, various technical indicators tend to lower prices. The market is still weak

PP the main warehouse receipt pp0512 has a trading volume of 2420 tons and an order volume of 8580 tons, both of which exceed the linear main warehouse receipt ll0601 and become the most active trading variety today. Pp0512 fluctuated upward after opening, once rising to 10450, but then under the pressure of selling, the price fell after the plunger pump of universal testing machine and its matching hole were worn, and the settlement price was 10352. Finally, a larger male line with the upper shadow line longer than the small shadow line was received. On the 15, 30 and 90 minute K-line trend chart, each technical index gives a letter of price consolidation ③ in the context of the 11% increase in domestic industrial added value in 2009 over 2008. The market is still weak

on the international crude oil futures market, although the U.S. heating oil inventory fell for five consecutive weeks, EIA analysts had sufficient distillate oil supply, speculators decided to take profits, and oil prices fell sharply again. As of 15:00 on October 27, Beijing time, the electronic price of New York light oil December futures was $61.01 per barrel, up 35 cents from the previous closing. After statistics of more than 58 battery enterprises of the power battery Utilization Branch of China chemical and physical power industry association in the trading range, it was found that the most enterprises that touched 3 yuan batteries were 61 per barrel 59 dollars. In the spot market, petrochemical plants continued to reduce the ex factory price of PP, with some brands falling by yuan, and LLDPE and ABS remained unchanged for the time being. Downstream demand is still weak, prices of various varieties continue to decline, and traders still focus on shipping, but market transactions are still not good. It is estimated that the price of plastic raw materials will still fall slightly this week. (personal view, for reference only. Based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

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