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Comments on Shantou's weekly plastic offer

according to relevant sources, Korea Petrochemical will carry out maintenance on the 3rd of next month. In fact, since last week, Korea oil chemical has basically not made an offer. It is said that in fact, the grasping method of different tension test machine fixtures in Jinan is not the same. The fastest shipment time of a single shipment will wait until after May 20, so the recent turnover of Korean oil chemical products in the local market is very small

only E308 and a small amount of m691 goods are left in Hanhua office, and the quotation is usa615/t; LG's office has not offered many plates. As the volume of imported waste paper fell by 10% year-on-year in 2017, HDPE was reported as usa650/t, which is difficult to compete with the usa610~630/t of Korea oil chemical. Only after the goods of Korea oil chemical were sold almost recently, there was a small amount of success, but it must be verified and handed over before use. Other factories are also reducing production. At present, the inventory in South Korea is very small, and most of them have been sold or resold to other markets. In order to reduce the existing unstable friction, the Sino Japanese trade war may begin, and China is discussing countermeasures. Therefore, the price of the remaining goods is strong

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