70% of the most popular health care products wear

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70% of health care products "wear too much" some over packaged goods are still on sale

a large gift box that can hold 12 bottles of 70ml bird's nest was opened and found that only 6 bottles were lying inside, and the rest of the space was occupied by plastic foam. Yesterday, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, together with the Commerce Commission, the Administration for Industry and commerce, the food and Drug Administration and other departments, conducted a special law enforcement inspection on the two hypermarkets in Putuo and Hongkou. In the agricultural, industrial and commercial supermarket in Putuo 118 square, Xiamen today Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. produced a kind of today's rock sugar bird's nest gift box that was suspected of over packaging and packaging auxiliary materials after data collection, analysis and calculation by microcomputer processing chips: bottle cap glove machine, mold, gasket, handle, gasket nozzle, sealing cap and packaging film, which were submitted for inspection according to law

Several Provisions on the reduction of commodity packaging in Shanghai have been implemented for half a year. After repeated supervision and inspection by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, the serious problem of over packaging of moon cakes in previous years has improved this year, but the bad habits of health products are still difficult to change. According to Cheng Benren, the leader of the comprehensive detachment of the Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Corps, according to the requirements of the national mandatory standards for the sales and packaging of health products, the packaging void ratio should not be greater than 50%. However, among the over packaged goods found in the past sampling inspection, the health products Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. still accounts for 60 to 70% of the experimental machines produced for so many years. Another reason why it is difficult to change the problem of over packaging of health products is that most of the production enterprises of these health products are in other places. For foreign enterprises whose commodity packaging is unqualified, the municipal quality supervision department can only send the test results to the quality supervision department where the production is located for supervision by the local law enforcement department

it is difficult to remove over packaged goods produced in other places. What about locally produced goods? For the over packaged goods in the local area, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said that it would deploy the relevant district and county bureaus to order the sales enterprises to stop selling immediately according to law, and comprehensively clean up the over packaged goods in inventory. However, after the visit, it was found that some goods ordered to be removed from the shelves for rectification were still on sale. For example, the packaging void ratio of Olay gold matching packaging (production batch number:) sold by Century Lianhua Supermarket Huangpu Co., Ltd. is greater than 50% of the national mandatory standard, and it was determined to be unqualified in the supervision and random inspection of Shanghai cosmetics commodity packaging in the third quarter of this year organized by the quality supervision department. However, yesterday, goods of the same model and batch number were found on the shelves of Hualian jimaisheng on Lanxi road

the polyester strip is stuck on the head of the pedicle screw (Figure 1)

according to the regulations, the quality supervision department can order the seller who sells over packaged goods to stop selling and make corrections within a time limit. If you refuse to stop selling over packaged goods like Olay, you will be fined not less than 2000 yuan but not more than 50000 yuan

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