8 out of 10 faucets below 100 yuan are unqualified

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Eight of the 10 faucets below 100 yuan are unqualified

recently, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of quality supervision released the results of the 2017 quality spot check of household furnishings, involving faucets, stainless steel sinks, bathroom supports and paint free boards. The qualified rate of faucets is the lowest, 67.5%, of which the qualified rate of opening the oil return valve head of water hoses with a price of 100 yuan or less is only 14.3%

the unqualified rate of faucets below 100 yuan is as high as 85.7%

previously, Nanjing Bureau of quality and technical supervision commissioned Nanjing product ② the elastic coefficient of rubber is much smaller than that of metal, and the quality supervision and Inspection Institute conducted sampling inspection on 40 batches of faucet products sold by production enterprises, circulation fields and e-commerce platforms in Nanjing. After inspection, 27 batches are qualified and 13 batches are unqualified, with a pass rate of 67.5%

Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau classified the test results according to the product source and price range, and the results were eye-catching

the 40 batches of faucet products sampled this time are 20 batches, 19 batches and 1 batch from physical stores, e-commerce platforms and production enterprises respectively. Among them, the qualified rate of physical stores is the lowest, which is 55%; The qualification rate of e-commerce platform products is 78.9%; The product integration of manufacturing enterprises continues to improve the R & D capacity, and the qualification rate is 100%

from the perspective of product price, the qualified rate of products with a price of 400 yuan and above is 100% (the unqualified rate is 0%), the qualified rate of products with a price of 200 yuan to 400 yuan is 85.7% (the unqualified rate is 14.3%), the qualified rate of products with a price of 100 yuan to 200 yuan is 62.5% (the unqualified rate is 37.5%), and the qualified rate of products with a price of 100 yuan and below is 14.3% (the unqualified rate is 85.7%)

2 batches of nozzle metal pollutants exceed the standard

this sampling inspection is carried out in accordance with GB ceramic chip sealed faucets and GB faucet water efficiency limit and water efficiency grade. Among the 13 batches of unqualified products, the unqualified items mainly involve surface corrosion resistance, water efficiency grade, flow uniformity, materials, etc., of which 2 batches of products were detected that the release of metal pollutants (lead) exceeded the standard

in addition, this sampling inspection also referred to the qb/t general technical conditions for water nozzles, and conducted risk monitoring on the sealing performance of water nozzles after freezing for 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours at a low temperature of -10 ℃. After inspection, 33 batches of faucets meet the standard requirements, with a compliance rate of 82.5%

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