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OPEC: the world crude oil market will start to recover next year. The Secretariat of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) released a report on the 14th, predicting that the world demand for crude oil will rise from 20. Its modified plastics have a huge market in the field of automobile manufacturing. The hydraulic universal testing machine has the characteristics of superhard, thinnest and negative electrons, and has rebounded in 10 years. The average daily demand next year will increase by 500000 barrels over this year, reaching 84.34 million barrels

the report also predicts that the average daily demand for world crude oil in 2009 will be 83.84 million barrels, a decrease of 1.65 million barrels from last year, slightly higher than the 1.62 million barrels predicted last month

the report points out that the rebound in crude oil market demand next year will be mainly due to the recovery of the global economy. This judgment is equivalent to the prediction of the International Energy Agency (IEA) not long ago. However, OPEC's estimated demand growth is significantly lower than that of the IEA, which released a forecast report on the 10th of this month that the global average daily demand for crude oil will increase by 1.4 million barrels to 85.2 million barrels next year

the OPEC report also predicts that the overall crude oil demand of the OECD may continue to decline next year by an average of 300000 barrels per day. However, the average daily demand for crude oil in non OECD countries will increase by 800000 barrels, so that the total demand of the international crude oil market is expected to rebound after declining for two consecutive years

the report also pointed out that the average package price of OPEC market monitored crude oil reached US $68.36 per barrel in June this year, up US $11.38 or about 20% from May, the highest monthly average price since October last year. If there is a continuous fire source, it can still burn rapidly and cause accidents. However, due to weak market demand, especially the continuous rise of unemployment in industrialized countries, people have changed their optimistic estimates of market recovery, and oil prices began to rise weakly

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