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Ink jet printer color matching operation 7 steps

generally, the image color displayed on the screen cannot accurately match the color output by the ink jet printer. This may cause confusion when specifying the desired color (toner). The following will introduce some principles to help achieve the best color matching:

1. Start the printer self-test first. The first step in the color matching process is to run the printer self-test. Self test can help you determine whether the printer generates colors correctly. If the color is not generated correctly (for example, the color cartridge is exhausted), then the correct color matching will not be achieved. If necessary, check and clean/replace the color ink cartridge

2. Check the printer driver. In many cases, the printer driver (or printer color program) will provide color matching options. Please open the printer's properties dialog box to check whether all color matching options are enabled, for example:

(1) click the start menu, point to the settings submenu, and then click the properties command

(2) right click the desired printer

(3) click the attribute command

(4) click the graph, that is, the tab of improving the deformation resistance of materials

(5) Click to select the image color matching option (or similar color matching function)

3. check the luminosity of the working area. Dazzling or other surrounding lights can adversely affect the color in the display on the basis of making full use of the market mechanism. When comparing the printout with the monitor image, the difference may not be observed correctly. Try to dim the working area or adjust the brightness and contrast of the monitor to a more appropriate level

4. check the graphics card driver. Many color printer driver libraries obtain color information directly from the graphics card. This usually assumes a good interaction between the graphics card driver and the color printer driver. When color matching is really difficult, updating the graphics card driver to the latest version may sometimes solve the problem by using Castor seeds as raw materials for both products

5. Check the printer driver. If the problem persists, check the driver of the color printer to see if there are patches or upgrades designed to enhance color matching

6. do not judge the color quality based on previous printing. If the paper is directly exposed to the sun, or the paper is of poor quality, or the temperature and humidity are inappropriate, the ink may fade or change color over time. Please check the new output printed during the test

7. check the print cartridge. Print quality is also affected by the use time and condition of color cartridges. Most ink cartridges have a service life. When the service life is reached, the ink cartridge should be replaced. When solving the color problem, install a relatively new cartridge

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